Hi I’m Katie! I’m married to a pretty good lookin’ red-headed grumpy sweetheart. I spend my days with the cutest little tinys you’ll ever see. I’m LDS, I love to read, love hot-dogs (preferably from Home Depot), I think “Italian” should be a nationality check box option on official documents. I really like getting mail-even if it’s junk. I’m messy, sassy when hungry, sometimes talk to much, say to much, think to much, eat to much…

I love a good party.

My entertaining mantra would be “keep calm & party on” (and the only thing nerdier than the fact that I just said that is that I have an entertaining mantra) I say Bah! with rules & thank you cards & clean kitchens (although I’m sure my mother would disagree) however you like to do it, paper plates from the grocery store or china you spent weeks personally hand painting guest’s initials on, do it because you love it and do it however you like! I do it because I love it. I love thinking up the details for themes, I love creating an environment, I love helping people have a good time, I love food. I grew up loving the hustle and bustle of preparing for a big event (stuffing the goody bags, hanging streamers, smelling the food, hanging out in the kid’s room listening to muffled adult laughter and grown up words) Once you’ve done the planning, relax & enjoy! Whatever happens…triple digit weather & a broken air conditioner, baby fingers in your cake, 30 screaming 10-year olds with glitter everywhere? Love it!  Entertaining should be fun!


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