Tuscan Wedding & Invitations

Love is in the air… adorned with soft notes of crisp apples, the taste of red wine, and the perfect ambiance of string globe lighting.

My dear sister’s Special Day was announced with these beautifully handcrafted wedding invitations.

_MG_0007 I sat down with the bride-to-be and began looking for the perfect invitation. This one was the first to catch our eye and even after looking through dozens of others, we couldn’t deny how perfect this collection was! _MG_0010 Thanks again, Wendy, for creating the perfect set of invitations for this special day!IMG_9993


Bride & Groom decided on a Backyard Tuscan theme and aimed to keep their wedding small and intimate. With fifty close friends and family members, the couple celebrated into the evening in the perfect setting with the perfect company.


A chalkboard sign replaced programs for this intimate wedding.Lesperance_Wedding_108Lesperance_Wedding_068

Guests could sign this heart-painted placard. The happy couple have this hanging in their new home. This happened to be a piece of my own creation.


Taking wedding vows ❤Lesperance_Wedding_195

A wide variety of drinks and appetizers kept guests happy while the couple took photos in the sunset.
Prelude to a fabulous buffet of Italian food
Lesperance_Wedding_071Even a warm corner to accommodate the little guests

Lesperance_Wedding_072Dinner is served! Globe lighting was essential for setting a romantic mood. =)

Lesperance_Wedding_297 Lesperance_Wedding_298 A view from upstairsLesperance_Wedding_299 Delicious naked cake garnished with roses and grapesLesperance_Wedding_327Their first dance. Congratulations, Sis!

May the two of you enjoy many happy years together. =)Lesperance_Wedding_421


Chocolate & Words Bridal Shower, Decorations

WOW, what a phenomenal weekend!

We celebrated the upcoming marriage of a dear, long-time friend with a bridal shower centered around her two favorite things: Chocolate & Words! Ariana is an English major with a sweet tooth, and both bride and guests thoroughly enjoyed the jubilee. Here’s a sneak peak of the beautiful decorations.

I made this GoldLeaf Word Art as a gift for the bride&groom-to-be. Its gorgeous and classy design will grace their first home together. I used this DIY, though I made a few changes as I couldn’t find the same materials in the short weekend I gave myself to create it.



These stunning Gardenia Pomanders were majorly eye-catchin. My mom (aka the flower expert) couldn’t believe how real they looked! I loved their versatility. Here are two easy ways to display such beauty. Silk Gardenia Pomanders with Chocolate Ribbon by: BizouBizou

IMG_6501 IMG_6505 IMG_6503


Delicate three-dimensionaly book page hearts graced the dining hall. The entire bridal party had fun “3D-ing” these lovely garlands, a word I was gently informed isn’t real after the bride and maid of honor had a good laugh 🙂 Generous yards of detailed, sewn hearts provided by EuphoricEuny.



A wishing tree stood on the buffet table, another lovely gift for our guest of honor. The tree is multi-functional, serving not only as a beautiful holder for cards of advice, but also as home decor or a unique jewelry tree! We absolutely loved how spacious these wish tags were, with plenty of room to write. The romantic tree  stamped on the front and delicious chocolate-colored ink was the perfect fit for our soiree. This beauteous touch for sharing words of love and wisdom was provided by  ItwasMadewithLuv.



Chocolate & Love, what more can a girl ask for? Rich brown wire crafted into such eloquent words was generously provided by SatarasWireCrafts. With them we smothered the kitchen with chocolatey love. These two were hung directly over the beverages, while two more invite guests to the scrumptiously outfitted dessert table.IMG_6545IMG_6544_MG_0670


The handmade table decor was made with precision by ABespokeTouch. They were absolutely perfect for gracing the tables, and an adorable favorite amongst the young ladies in attendance. After all, who wouldn’t love a silk, chiffon or paper origami flower?


Oh how I love the rich, chocolatey color of these little hearts. A sprinkle of festivity fell from each personal invitation to the shower, decorating our chocolate signs with yummy little heart and also peeked out from amongst the party favors as guests took their leave. What better a way to begin and end our Chocolate & Words celebration. The perfect touch to a perfect party. HopeTillUrHeartHurts


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RECIPES to the delicious chocolate can be found HERE

DIY Wedding: Bryan & Katie

Our wedding day took place exactly 5 years ago yesterday and even though it’s a little dated now, I thought I’d share our DIY wedding in the spirit of wedding week and celebrate 5 pretty fantastic years together. My oober creative family and friends gathered together to contribute the things they were best at. Although we hired a caterer for some of the food, my mom made her famous Italian sausage and peppers to compliment the Italian menu already prepared, she put together and ice cream bar (the thing I wanted most!), and along with my sister and my sister’s florist best friend, put together most of the details–I was too busy being in love : )
My auntie who owned a print shop donated beautiful engraved invites, my professional chef brother did the hors d’oeuvres for “cocktail” hour (ring ceremony & sparkling cider), my sister and her bff made their very first wedding cake at my charge (they were skeptical but I knew they could do it!), My auntie & cousin way back east collected, pressed, and sent us Autumn leaves to scatter on the tables with Angela produced centerpieces. My sister-in-law’s mother sewed a ribbon trim on the wholesale table cloths we found, and Angela gifted me our handmade scrapbook/guest book for the entry way. It was Bryan’s idea to blow up the array of photo booth pictures we had. He worked at a sign company at the time and had all the equipment to do it. DIY weddings are a lot of work but not only do they keep costs down, but you have a keespake; a labor of love to carry with you in the years afterward. Thank you to everyone who helped with our wedding 5 years ago and thank you to my sweet hubby for being an amazing partner and best friend these last 5 years!

DIY Wedding: Casey & Tearah

October 10th 2009, after only two months of planing our wedding we tied the knot at Saguaro Ranch Park and celebrated the blessed union at my parents community pool.

Three years earlier My mom and I helped my older sister plan her wedding in only two months as well, so we felt like pro’s as we began shopping for the perfect details to decorate the park and pool side. The hardest part was to find a perfect location for the ceremony in our price range. With approximately two hundred guests we rented the space and chairs, provided directions to my parents for the reception to follow, and then started the celebration!

We purchased the flowers in bulk from Costco and spent an evening creating our own bouquets.

With a general color scheme in place the brides mades were free to pick the dresses and jewelry that they loved and could wear again 🙂

Our cake was professionally crafted by the wonderful Bryan and Katie Workman of KatieCakes, not only beautiful but delicious!

We hired Matt, a young up-and-coming chef to create a wonderful variety buffet and Matador Coffee, a local coffee roasting company to provide hot coffee and tea.

I put together a scrapbook of our engagement photos for the guests to sign. Not only were we able to keep the sweet notes from our wedding guests but I pull it out and use it at each major event in our life together. (Remember that from here?)We decorated the pool area with twinkling white lights, floating candles, flower arrangements, and lace table cloths with green chiffon over lays. The wild flowers, roses, and antique laces coupled with the soft flickering candlelight created a romantic and delicate vintage feel infused with modern elements. It was so perfect.