Book and Story-Themed Bridal Shower

Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated. And this book and story-themed bridal shower was simple, yet absolutely exquisite–by far the most lovely, relaxing, and enjoyable shower I’ve ever been to.

Hello, my name is Ariana. I’m beyond blessed to be the matron of honor for our bride-to-be, Abby.
As a long time friend of Tearah’s and a major in creative writing, she asked me to share my experience of this shower with you all. Enjoy!


Five tables with five genres of literature sat in a lush side courtyard filled with greenery and flowers. The guests inside, after getting light appetizers and coffee, were drawn into the fairytale-esque courtyard to peruse the beautifully detailed tables.

IMG_8026 (2)

An icebreaker game of sticking the names of different book characters on people’s backs led to much laughter and animated discussion on which Shakespeare play started with O, or which red-haired twin in Harry Potter was George Weasley’s brother.

We wrote advice for the bride-to-be on cards that said, “The key to a happy marriage is…” Tearah’s sister Haven found delightful little keys that we attached to the advice cards. Now Abby can hang this “advice branch” in her home where she’ll have an aesthetically-pleasing place to find marriage advice!

IMG_8057 (2) IMG_6280.JPG

Then we all watched a sweet video of the groom-to-be, Josh, answering silly and serious questions about Abby. The information in the video came in handy when we meandered back out to the courtyard for our next game: writing short stories about Josh and Abby. Depending on which table a guest sat at, they’d write a fairytale, a mystery story (Tearah’s team wrote a play!), a romantic story, a fantasy story, or a poem.

Then Abby judged which stories she liked best, and the winners got scented candles and chocolate. But we all felt like we won something, because every story we listened to was unique and entertaining.

IMG_8019 (2)

I sat at the fantasy table, partly because I love fantasy and am writing a fantasy novel, and partly because the decorations were so accurate to the genre. Beautifully-bound Harry Potter books adorned the table, surrounded by greenery and dragon eggs and adorable little animals.

IMG_8079 (2)IMG_3046 IMG_3050 IMG_3053

But the mystery table won the prize for the most epic. My brother’s copy of a Kurt Vonnegut book he didn’t like was slathered with melted candle wax, then stabbed into with his ornate dagger. The treasure chest, magnifying glass, and Sherlock Holmes books on a burgundy tablecloth completed the scene.IMG_3039IMG_3038 IMG_3040 IMG_3041

The fairytale table had all the things a little princess needs with plenty of flower crowns for the fairytale fans, a white unicorn, a swan, and of course the Grimm Brothers’ talented works.IMG_3032 IMG_3036 IMG_3037

The bride-to-be’s favorite table, poetry, was graced with some of the most classic poems ever written, with faded books and roses to add to the aura.IMG_3043IMG_8039 (2)IMG_8080 (2)IMG_3045IMG_3042

And the romance table was just…romantic. Something about the rose petals and candles made me sigh when I saw it.IMG_8078 (2)IMG_3057IMG_3055IMG_8089 (2) IMG_3056

Many thanks to Tearah, Haven and Kellyn for attending to every last detail! It is so wonderful to have friends whose talents lie in the areas of decoration and organization to make a party perfect. 🙂

IMG_8070 (2)IMG_8069 (2)Abby's shower laughing


Asian Themed Bridal Shower

Our eccentric bride-to-be, who loves the vibrant and stylish Asian culture, has visited both China and Japan in the past couple of years and is excited to incorporate some of its eclectic charm  into her new home.

Encouraged to come dressed up, the MOB also provided additional silken clothing pieces and brightly colored hair accessories for a truly cultural experience.


Phenomenal Pompoms hung fashionably from the ceiling. With glittery gold and shimmery champagne, it added an extra special touch of class to our party.

Haven-Shower (25 of 72)IMG_2485





The party would not have been complete without a burst of Origami cranes, don’t you agree? The perfect backdrop for photos of friends. The bride-to-be sat in front of it for our “how-well-does-the-couple-know-each-other” interview too.   =)





Party favors were chopsticks along with these precious, tiny wishing stars, each containing a special message inside. We also included instructions on how to refold the stars once our guests have read the message, strung on with thread to a ribbon for each guest to take home.


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Classy cranes attached to ribbons lit up our cocktail bar, where we provided a light variety of cold & sparkling sake with written instructions for fruity cocktails & mixed drinks.

IMG_2466Haven-Shower (72 of 72)



We wanted our Origami crane decals to be mobile, so the BTB could take them with her to their new apartment and eventual future home… So we applied the decals to the back of the glass photo frame and cut scrapbook paper to fill in some color. We just loved how they turned out!

Haven-Shower (9 of 72)Haven-Shower (10 of 72)




Dinner is served! We pulled together quite the collection of Asian-inspired dishes to serve a delicious spread of sunumono, mochi, sushi rolls, edamame, barley tea and the like.

Haven-Shower (2 of 72) Haven-Shower (1 of 72)



Fun and Games!


I’m not sure what to call this lively game; the MOB has kept it alive at several showers throughout the years.

Here’s how to play:

The guests sit in a circle. In the center of the circle are a few wedding attire accessories along with a dull pair of small scissors and  a small “gift” that is wrapped and tied with yarn a couple dozen times.

A box, with two alphabet blocks inside, is passed rapidly around the circle like Hot Potato. Each guest rolls the two “dice” one time, keeping the “dice” inside the box.  The goal is to quickly roll a matching pair of letters that was previously selected (we chose the letter H). The box keeps getting passed until someone rolls the correct double letters.

When the double letters are rolled, the guest runs to the middle of the circle, puts on the wedding attire as fast as they can, and begins to cut through the string, unwrapping the gift–but only one layer at a time. In the meantime the box is still being passed around circle and the “dice” rolled. As different guests each roll doubles, they get to run up and take the bridal attire off of the person in the center and put in on themselves, and then take the scissors and begin cutting though the yarn revealing a new layer of the gift…until the next person rolls doubles!

This continues until the last layer has been unwrapped and the prize is revealed. We had a pebble wrapped inside to trick the winner–who then received a lucky bamboo plant as their real prize.

Haven-Shower (49 of 72)  Haven-Shower (43 of 72)



Pass the Edamame:

We  gave everybody chopsticks and had them line up in three teams. At one end of each line there was a small bowl with three edamame beans inside. There were three empty bowls on the opposite end of each line. The teams had to pass the bean from one end of the line to the other using only their chopsticks. Easier said than done, especially when you have other teams haggling you ;). The winning team is the one who gets the three beans into the empty bowl first.

Haven-Shower (57 of 72) Haven-Shower (66 of 72)Haven-Shower (70 of 72)




With the beautiful fall weather approaching, there comes one catch… the mosquitoes. I decided to try out a new mosquito repellant this year, Gold Canyon Candles, it’s by far the most enjoyable way to ward off the little buggers!
I bought two Citronella candles for my front porch this past month, because even though the the weather has begun to cool down and it is now tolerable to step outside,  I would make a mad dash from the door to the car due to the many mosquitos waiting for me on my front porch!
These Citronella candles are beautiful, they are filled to a slightly lower level than the original candles so they won’t be blown out by the wind. And although I’m not opposed to the smell of Citronella these are much more beautifully scented.  I used them when I had a yard sale this past weekend, and it added a nice touch to help me relax and wind down after a hectic weekend of cleaning house. =)

Chocolate & Words Bridal Shower, Decorations

WOW, what a phenomenal weekend!

We celebrated the upcoming marriage of a dear, long-time friend with a bridal shower centered around her two favorite things: Chocolate & Words! Ariana is an English major with a sweet tooth, and both bride and guests thoroughly enjoyed the jubilee. Here’s a sneak peak of the beautiful decorations.

I made this GoldLeaf Word Art as a gift for the bride&groom-to-be. Its gorgeous and classy design will grace their first home together. I used this DIY, though I made a few changes as I couldn’t find the same materials in the short weekend I gave myself to create it.



These stunning Gardenia Pomanders were majorly eye-catchin. My mom (aka the flower expert) couldn’t believe how real they looked! I loved their versatility. Here are two easy ways to display such beauty. Silk Gardenia Pomanders with Chocolate Ribbon by: BizouBizou

IMG_6501 IMG_6505 IMG_6503


Delicate three-dimensionaly book page hearts graced the dining hall. The entire bridal party had fun “3D-ing” these lovely garlands, a word I was gently informed isn’t real after the bride and maid of honor had a good laugh 🙂 Generous yards of detailed, sewn hearts provided by EuphoricEuny.



A wishing tree stood on the buffet table, another lovely gift for our guest of honor. The tree is multi-functional, serving not only as a beautiful holder for cards of advice, but also as home decor or a unique jewelry tree! We absolutely loved how spacious these wish tags were, with plenty of room to write. The romantic tree  stamped on the front and delicious chocolate-colored ink was the perfect fit for our soiree. This beauteous touch for sharing words of love and wisdom was provided by  ItwasMadewithLuv.



Chocolate & Love, what more can a girl ask for? Rich brown wire crafted into such eloquent words was generously provided by SatarasWireCrafts. With them we smothered the kitchen with chocolatey love. These two were hung directly over the beverages, while two more invite guests to the scrumptiously outfitted dessert table.IMG_6545IMG_6544_MG_0670


The handmade table decor was made with precision by ABespokeTouch. They were absolutely perfect for gracing the tables, and an adorable favorite amongst the young ladies in attendance. After all, who wouldn’t love a silk, chiffon or paper origami flower?


Oh how I love the rich, chocolatey color of these little hearts. A sprinkle of festivity fell from each personal invitation to the shower, decorating our chocolate signs with yummy little heart and also peeked out from amongst the party favors as guests took their leave. What better a way to begin and end our Chocolate & Words celebration. The perfect touch to a perfect party. HopeTillUrHeartHurts


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RECIPES to the delicious chocolate can be found HERE

Bridal Shower: Tatum’s Pink and Orange Shabby Chic Shower

The Mother of the bride (Jennifer) and Tatum’s sister-in-law maid of honor (Karis) paired up for this shabby chic, handmade, backyard event! Pinterest inspired crafts, personal displays of love, and colorful sweets. Welcome to Tatum’s Pink and Orange Bridal Shower.
This adorable scrolly frame from Ikea was covered in white spray paint  (and then recovered in ivory paint for the wedding!), and featured polka dot fabric and painted wooden letter charms in the form of the Bride and Groom’s initials.  These cutesy curly letters are easy ones to find, just check your local Michael’s craft store to make your own affordable version. A vintagy touch as well as a personal one, this shower had adorable creative and personal touches in abundance.


Thick white 5×7 frames hung by orange ribbons and displayed candid snapshots of Tatum & Caleb giving guests that hadn’t had the chance to be around them as much a little glimpse into their sweet relationship.

Speaking of sweets…

I think this picture perfect dessert table is my very favorite part. Cake, cake balls, cupcakes, striped candy sticks, and giant pixi sticks all in matching hues of pink and orange really speak to the color fanatic in me. Love it! Old fashioned candy and antique looking party cakes are not only fun and whimsical but put the ‘shabby’ in shabby chic while handmade labels, ribbons, and white daises tie the whole look together. Adorable and scrumptious to boot!

A light lady’s lunch was layed out just a few feet from the sweets table (who doesn’t like easy access to dessert?) and featured an array of salads, sandwiches, and dips. Mmm delish! Check out the handmade banner that matches the food labels.



Wrapping plastic cutlery up and fastening it with a ribbon is one of my very favorite simple party tips. Dressing up the economic option is easy…typically you already have all of the elements but tying them all together is quick and makes a nice display. Do you have a creative way to display paper-ware/plastic-ware?


Paper lanterns and tissue paper pom poms not only added to the cutesy decor but created atmosphere. Would you love to know how to make tissue paper pom poms? Here is my favorite tutorial.

The wicker seating seen here is something the party planners intended to use for the wedding but thought would be a great seat of honor for Tatum to sit an open her presents-an excellent addition! Jennifer sewed the matching throw pillow covers and they look so charming there, that I’m wishing for the millionth time that I knew how to sew. Well done Jennifer!


The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids



Guest tables were covered with a dainty white table cloths, a pink or orange runner, and an arrangement of daisies. More tissue paper pom poms dotted the air above them. Jennifer also shared that they had groupings of polka dotted balloons but they didn’t do so well in the Az heat. Darn that Phoenix weather always getting in the way of our best laid plans. I love the picnic-y atmosphere under shady branches for guests to visit and enjoy-delightful!



Although this party was an aesthetic and entertaining hit, Tatum said her favorite part was sharing it with the people she loved, in an intimate setting, planned just for her! Thanks for sharing Tatum!