Succulent and Neutrals Baby Shower

In honor of our dear friend’s twins we all pulled together and created a lovely baby shower brunch featuring fresh eucalyptus branches and succulents._mg_7096A delicate floret graced each place setting along with crisp watercolor paper for sharing encouragement and best wishes._mg_7107-2Each guest was gifted with a little succulent terrarium to take home.
_mg_7098By buying the succulents as full plants at Sprouts we were able to intermingle the branches throughout the event.img_5462Those who contributed food were asked to bring brunch themed-delicacies in white dish-ware _mg_7114Linen tablecloths and natural elements were perfect complements.
_mg_7110A photo garland of the honored family and three older siblings were printed and hung on twine.
_mg_7124Mimosas, tea and infused water._mg_7125Guests mingled and enjoyed each other’s company. A simple, low key celebration with the perfect combination of delicious food and beautiful surroundings.
_mg_7148_mg_7143 _mg_7141img_7163

Sunshine and Sprinkles BaBy-Q

We bid the summer adieu with a Sunshine and Sprinkles BaBy-Q!
Yes, it’s still hot and summery here in Phoenix, even in the middle of October–and trust me, we’d all appreciate some “fall” weather! But for this occasion, the bright yellow sun followed by a fiery red sunset was the perfect backdrop.

And for the perfect invitation? We turned to VintageLeeCrafted where Amanda personalized her beautiful yellow-and-grey invitation to meet our request. I particularly love her wine labels – what a great idea for making announcements or a personal request. With the winter holidays fast approaching, check out my favorite label.


Guests were greeted at the door with this sweet and simple request. I love the idea of using a classic children’s book for the guest book! It’ll be read throughout the years and always remind him of everyone’s love.


Prizes for the diaper raffle were sent to us from Sendabox.

What a brilliant idea this is–sending a “box of sunshine” as a gift, a get-well present, to welcome a baby, or just because. For this occasion I split the contents of the original box into two prize boxes for the winners.  Jen is currently working on opening her own business website, I will post the link when it is launched, for now you can send your requests directly to her at:



A bite to eat while dinner was being grilled…

And refreshments served in mason jars with paper straws.

The littl’ns played in the grass… then moved on to our playful photo booth!IMG_7489P1050366IMG_7557

Dinner was preluded with a chalkboard menu and BBQ sauce party favors!


These adorable little bottles and custom labels were created by SouthernStickers. I’ve had my eye on these for some time now, and was thrilled to be able to feature them before the summer’s end. IMG_7440 IMG_7458

Our Sunshine and Sprinkles theme came to its height at the buffet table, with tissue paper pompoms as the sun, sky and clouds. I added some raindrops from my previous sprinkle shower.


Welcome Baby Jude! IMG_7613You are much loved. IMG_8519

Woodland Nature Baby Shower

In honor of my dear sister’s pregnancy I decided to “go all out” with a woodland-themed baby shower. The mossy forest floor full of richly-colored mushrooms and fungus was the inspiration. It may seem strange to some but she has such an appreciation for the unusual beauty of mushrooms. I say “all out” because it really was a phenomenal party and to some seemed over the top, but I’m just beginning to reach the level of perfection that I so admire in the artistic beauty I’ve seen other party planners create.


Greenery from Hobby Lobby. It’s three pieces total, I bought them in separate trips to get the discount, and rearranged the length to make sure they tiered proportionally. The one on the left is two vines wired together.IMG_5514I bought a replacement valve on Amazon for this jar and it is difficult to close, ugh, hence the note.IMG_5512 We bought a jar of Chameleon Concentrated Coffee and included a pitcher of milk and a pitcher of flavored creamer. We like to mix it with 1/3 of the cup coffee, a splash of flavored creamer and the rest milk.  It’s kind of like an chilled latte imo. IMG_5511Just enough protein and mixture of veggies, I learned early on to make sure there’s always a protein option at a baby shower, because there’s usually at least one hungry mama! For this shower we went with chicken salad sandwiches, and evidently they were delicious. In hindsight though, we should have provided double the chicken salad.IMG_5527We felt a little snazzy eating this gourmet cheese pinecone! My lovely assistant Aliyah created this masterpiece.IMG_5389IMG_5394

And my favorite… the desserts! Moss, mushrooms, and butterflies – Oh My!
Sugar Robot supplied us with a plethora of bright and realistic wafer butterflies. We sprinkled them throughout the dessert and dining tables.IMG_5414A fruit tower adds height and dimension, creating an element of awe and pizazz to any beautiful party.IMG_5429IMG_5427IMG_5420IMG_5423 Delicate moss cookie. Green-colored sugar cookies, with a sprinkle of cookie crumbs on top. They look like pretty delicious moss if I don’t say so myself.IMG_5424IMG_5430Baskets of Eatable Cookie Dough, Coco powder-dusted Merengue Mushrooms and Candy Melts topped chocolate cupcakes. A nice variety and delicious spread.IMG_5431 IMG_5438 IMG_5437 I took the opportunity to try my luck at string art. This first one, an inverted tree, took a bit of time but wrapping the string was actually quite relaxing. IMG_5435As you know, I love detail, so with tiny nails and wrapping string, yes I enjoyed it. IMG_5386Beautiful butterflies. The little boys in particular enjoyed eating the butterflies more than looking at them. IMG_5736A quirky mushroom shower wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Kombucha. We had three beautiful pitchers with fresh flavors.IMG_5481If you recall my own baby shower you can tell I particularly love serving caprese salad, its so classy!IMG_5488Party Prizes included baskets of fresh fruit…IMG_5444Bright green sweet potato vines…IMG_5276Delicious vegetables…
IMG_5449A variety of dried mushrooms…
And of course a most fitting  jar of  Komucha with a scoby.  IMG_5451I love the gifts, and when they’re this adorable they don’t even need to be wrapped! They’re an artistic display in themselves.  IMG_5325Petal and Twig Felt hand-sewed this adorable fox onesie. The crisp orange and subtle grey look fabulous against the bright green foliage.IMG_5306IMG_5307 IMG_5316

Inspired by Petal & Twig’s  fox onesie I also fashioned a little fox string art.IMG_5375In keeping with the mushroom theme Organic Quilt Company  provided this adorable organic reversible bib and knotty hat set.

IMG_5299 IMG_5297 IMG_5296Wonderfully soft and lovely colors I fully anticipate the new arrival to be wearing these in no time.
IMG_5293 IMG_5291 IMG_5286Sure the shower is for a little boy but we couldn’t resist breaking out the flower crowns, we created these crowns for a flower crown mini shoot with some of my photographer friends.  Additionally an array of dainty crowns had been provided by a local shop ShopBleuGardens she also creates fresh babies breath crowns which I absolutely love.IMG_5282IMG_5459IMG_5541IMG_5545IMG_5565IMG_5592IMG_5593Table settings, another one of my fascinations, though it does take a bit to safely store I particularly love using real glass dinner wear and fabulous cloth napkins, my next project will to be purchase my own linen from a fabric store and fray an entire collection of gorgeous napkins. IMG_5231 A sprig of rosemary and twigs, spice up any party for this shower it was especially fitting. IMG_5227 IMG_5226Scavenged branches from the latest monsoon we strung it to the ceiling, and fresh branches leaning in the corner freshened up the room and created a mood of foresty elegance IMG_5530IMG_5551IMG_5632The Rusted Nut, just look at that master piece!IMG_5335With a special note from the creator this delicate mushroom forest was a highlight for sure, we read this little note aloud while guests admired the work.
IMG_5331IMG_5340IMG_5342IMG_5346IMG_5347IMG_5232Got a little carried away with my Hand Made Wood Art, but for my newest nephew’s nursery, it was worth it.
IMG_5363I wanted to create a mobil that doubled as a chime, I spent a good several minutes in the accessories isle of Hobby Lobby clanking a handful of pieces together trying to find some that made the perfect chime, walking away with a decent selection but not quite satisfied, I just happened to hear someone jingling about in the chimes section! Didn’t even realize they had one… but rushed over to find the perfect piece. Repurposing it with a few additions of my own I’m quite satisfied with the outcome. IMG_5360IMG_5356The terrarium table. As party favors we created an entire table worth of DIY Moss Terrarium kits. Guests were given basic instructions and allowed to try their creative touch at creating their own mini terrarium with real live moss foraged by Teresa all the way from Arkansa! IMG_5495IMG_5684IMG_5719IMG_5716IMG_5710IMG_5704IMG_5696IMG_5751A full tutorial can be found here in our latest blog DIY Moss TerrariumIMG_5746Delicate Mood and Carpet moss was sent to us from teresab123 in addition to their delicate greenery and wild nature, they had such a fresh soil smell, reminding me of the beautiful forest, ah.




It was a wonderful woodland baby shower, full of gorgeous green moss and deep brown wood, with delicious food and games which filled the room with laughter. It was most certainly a fabulous time and a beautiful event, till next time, good day & good night.

DIY Moss Terrarium

As an extra-special party favor for our Woodland-themed baby shower, (post coming soon!) we provided supplies for each guest to create their own little moss terrarium.


After scouring Pinterest for all of the best information on how to create and care for a moss terrarium, I decided to put together my own DIY to share with you all of my findings.

So here goes!



1: Clear glass container, with or without a lid. We visited Goodwill on their 50% off day and loaded up on adorable jars and glasses for as little as $.50 each!

2: Pebbles. The sizes can vary; it really depends on the size of the container and how you want it to look. It is preferable that your pebbles are clean so as not to introduce any unwanted elements (such as other plant life or bacteria that may grow mold)

3: Potting soil. I read that it should be potting soil, not gardening, so I took their word for it.

4: Activated charcoal or carbon. It’s the same thing often found in the aquarium care section, and helps purify the water to avoid mold.

5: Fresh live moss! We got ours from teresab123 on Etsy. She provides lots of supplies as well as ready-made terrariums.

6: Accessories. Look in the miniature section of craft stores or gather up your own natural elements. Try to find things that will withstand frequent watering.





Carpet Moss


Mood Moss



Moss = teresab123




Start with a layer of pebbles. I like to be able to see them in the bottom of my glass so I used a generous amount. The height of the container will also determine how much you use so keep an eye on that.
Next sprinkle a layer of charcoal over the rocks. It doesn’t need to be thick, just a little bit over the entire surface area to filter the water.
Now add the soil. I patted it down to make enough room for my moss and accessories. Make it thick enough to allow roots to grow and let the dirt retain some water so that the moss stays damp. You don’t want the soil so thick that the water doesn’t eventually pass through to the pebbles. Soil that is constantly wet will encourage mold.
Although moss can grow tiny roots, it isn’t necessary to dig a spot for it in the soil; just lay the moss gently on top and press lightly so that the moss roots are touching the soil.
Mist the moss to start the dampening process and keep it alive. I’d suggest a gentle spray bottle since we don’t want standing water at the bottom. I think I’ll keep an eye out for a cute little copper mister to replace my re-purposed Windex one… 🙂
*Note, use filtered water, as tap water can burn the moss.
Then add your accessories!IMG_9889






Keep in a moderately lit area, not direct summer sunlight or windowsills as the bright sun (especially here in Phoenix) will most certainly burn the moss.

Mist lightly and frequently. Open terrariums need to be watered every couple of days as their water tends to evaporate quickly. Just keep an eye on the level of moisture, it should stay slightly moist but not so much so that water gathers at the bottom. If you notice this just lighten up on the amount of water you give it but don’t leave it completely.
Closed terrariums can go a week or two between waterings since they have created their own little ecosystem. If you notice too much condensation building on the sides of the glass remove the lid and let it dry out a little before sealing it again.

If mold does begin to grow, try using a bit of paper towel and a pick (like a skewer) to gently dab out the mold, so it won’t affect the rest of the moss.



Some of my favorite terrarium tutorials can be found on our Woodland Nature Baby Shower board on Pinterest.

DIY moss terrarium

Baby Boy-themed baby shower… chalkboard, tricycles, ABC blocks and geometric garlands

A comfortably classic-themed baby shower in honor of Kannon King.

From tricycles and ABC blocks to Sloppy Joes and Iced Tea…

Being greeted at the door with a gift table and guest signing book, on through the social room with games and a craft to gift the new parents, and around to the dining room complete with geometrically shaped garlands and delicious family style Sloppy Joes, Hot Dogs and Sorbet Punch. This shower had that “complete” feel that I strive for in a party.

Fingerprint guest signing book handcrafted by jumpjackstudio. This adorable tricycle provided a creative opportunity for guests to leave a sign of their love and support with their fingerprint and initials, and will become a framed memorabilia for the mama to treasure for years to come. DSCN0329DSCN039611206112_952268718146239_7405390045279619019_nDSCN0411

A clothesline of custom-made onesies by RedBootsDesign. They specialize in customizable clothing for the whole family, so hop on over and find a fitting wear for your occasion.


Patterned burp cloths made for a cute addition to the party, with themed tricycles and retro cars created for this party by  NonisNappies; they added a fabulous pop of color to the occasion. And not to mention I am sure they will be a welcome gift for the new mama and visiting guests 😉IMG_0373DSCN0311DSCN0313

I can’t get enough of this stellar tricycle print! Framed for the occasion, PatentPrints provided this large quality image of a tricycle blueprint on chalkboard background. Which was not only an added background to the party but will make a great piece of wall art for the baby room that he can keep for years!

The best of both worlds here. A group craft that doubles as a gift for the mama and future play toy for little Kannon – his very own alphabet blocks personalized by his parents closest friends and family. How neat is that?! TBQBoutique specializes in custom orders of smooth wooden blocks ready for your next baby shower!IMG_0371DSCN0389

A gift that keeps on giving, and it doesn’t stop there! TBQBoutique has created a special coupon just for you! By using the coupon code ToEntertainPartyBlog you will receive 15% off your purchase. This coupon expires July 11th and there is no minimum purchase, so be sure to check it out soon!

The final product! Adorable, right?! Perfect for room décor till Kannon is old enough to play with them and very stimulating and entertaining for sure 🙂 


This garland was my leading inspiration for this shower. Retro boy colors in geometric shaped garlands trailing across the wall and clustered with a waterfall effect at the end. Perfection thanks to custom garlands by Katie at SassyPantsNebraska. Not only were the colors just perfect, the collection of unique shapes and sizes made it a really mesmerizing backdrop!

IMG_0378IMG_0379 DSCN0349 DSCN0440

Chalkboard table runner, Kraft food trays & sandwich bags. Provided by CMWrapNShipSupply this shop gave the party that truly “complete” feel that I love so much. Using the chalkboard runner at the front door for the guest signing and favor bags, jumbo trays to cary lunch around in, and spill safe food bags to contain the delicious sloppy joes! A one-stop-shop with tons of party supplies.

DSCN0437DSCN0441I’ll admit I had to look this one up – “sherbet.” It’s not just me who pronounces it “sherbert” right?!? We had fun sounding all fancy – while trying to pronounce it “sherbét.”DSCN0443Sheet cake dressed up with fruit, with accessories from hobby lobby.DSCN0355

Another lively debate came from my interpretation of ice tea… since that’s how I say it, a handful of people stopped by and commented, “is it ice tea or iced tea?” Kind of a tongue twister to say iced tea several times in a row. Though the tea is “iced” I like to drink ice tea ;DDSCN0380Tin Tie favor bags, chalkboard tags and tiny clothespins were also provided by CMWrapNShipSupply.  We added some colorful tricycles and thank you notes to personalize them for this occasion. Full of popcorn, chocolate chips, m&m and pretzels they made a great long lasting take home snack bag for the guests.DSCN0322DSCN0334

“Korn”  in keeping with the theme 🙂

As always, thanks for joining us.

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Stay tuned for another great party posting this weekend.

Afternoon Baby Shower… Ice Tea, Parfaits and Bubbly!

Welcome to our quaint little gathering, celebrating the upcoming third daughter of a dear friend of mine. She’s in the homestretch now, and nothing cheers up a tired mama more than good food and great company! IMG_9618

Handcrafted with love, these little fabric roses were the inspiration for the simple elegance of this lovely sprinkle shower.



Roses delicately hanging above a delicious sweet ‘n savory spread.

A wide variety of goodies to please everyone. IMG_9624

Scrumptious sweets! Fresh fruit, cookies and mouthwatering desserts from the bakery section. For a small gathering like this it really didn’t cost much to provide an appealing selection that was both beautiful and delicious.IMG_9628

Tasty little cake bites displayed on this mini cake stand I scored at a thrift store! The other two behind it I superglued together to add an element of height to the table. The clear one is an upside down glass, and the white one was a vase from an edible flower arrangement. With the right sized plates they easily pass for store bought 😉


Strawberries add a world of class, with their bright color and juicy freshness.


A section of deli meat ‘n cheese, dressed up with fresh herbs.IMG_9636IMG_9637

The savories – a tasty selection of veggies, grains and protein, especially ideal for expecting mamas at any occasion.


Drink station featured iced tea, lemonade, water and Thai tea. (The tea was confused for carrot juice, which would have been delicious too!)



A little bit of bubbly… it is a celebration after all! With a sparkling Italian soda as an alternate option, we all felt so classy drinking from the champagne flutes 🙂IMG_9656

A fresh sunflower from a friend.

An array of bright florals and vines would have been lovely here as well. Time permitting I’d add that to my to-do list next time.IMG_9710

Mini parfait… yum! There are so many delicious yogurt bar ideas to choose from out there, but we decided to keep it simple and sweet. Greek, vanilla or strawberry yogurt with granola, nuts, craisins and coconut. I don’t mind admitting I went back for seconds!



I absolutely love using occasions like this to pull out the vintage napkins and silverware I’ve been saving up.IMG_9668

Hopefully I’ll get to posting a tutorial on these adorable flowers. For now check out the ones I pinned on our “Baby Shower, Afternoon Tea”.



I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far. Till next time, Adieu!

Summer Sprinkle Baby Shower

With a summer breeze blowing in, what better way to break in the season than with an open house for family and friends? This festive party was a celebration for the whole family – a new house with plenty of room to play and the upcoming arrival of not one, but two little boys, cousins both due this sunny season. 


A Sprinkle shower, for those not in the know, is a baby shower for soon-to-be-mamas who already have children. The idea is: “baby’s big sister has plenty to share, this is only a sprinkle to show that we care” 🙂


An invitation is like a window into the life of the party, so a bright blue raindrop invite was the perfect way to welcome guests to this festive shower. With a mister cooling system for the mamas, swimming for the kids, and hot dogs for the guys, everyone had a great time just hanging out and having fun!





Rainclouds, blue skies, silver raindrops – the colors of this beautiful garland tied the concept of a sprinkle shower perfectly together. Hanging above the buffet tables the garland welcomed our guests as they helped themselves to a hearty meal of fruit, hot dogs and a savory taco salad bar.






Adorning the dinner tables, these precious little elephants were a huge hit, especially with the young lady guests! They kept our young friends entertained throughout the evening. Don’t you just love them?!





Glittering Rainclouds, these adorable cupcake toppers were sprinkled through out the buffet line. Yum!

Party4aPartyIMG_7713IMG_7718 IMG_7711


“It’s raining, it’s pouring” – a sprinkle shower wouldn’t be complete without these adorable droplets of rain and cloud cake toppers, yes please!






A raincloud and watercolor raindrops decor piece added an element of elegant fun to our sprinkle shower.  I love how authentic it looks. My husband even compared this art to the work of Eric Carle – classic!



I have to admit I loved this art so much I printed off another copy on my home printer to display in this second floating picture frame. I’m quite seriously considering buying another large frame just so I can print this beautiful raindrop piece too!




“April showers” bring spring flowers. Okay, technically “May flowers,” but who wouldn’t want to be reminded of such beauty every month of the year? This perfectly handcrafted mobile would brighten any little one’s bedroom through all seasons.




This precious bird mobile came as a DIY kit. The birds were pre-assembled with thread, and all required of us was to pick a branch to display them on. I can’t get over how adorable they are!





The little birds made their way into the mama’s garden room to await the arrival of her little boy =)
IMG_7758 - Version 2


I love how this fabulous mobile seems to represent clouds in a bright summer sky. It has such a relaxing ambiance, and we’re sure the new arrival will love it just as much as we do. 




Hand crafted silver raindrop earrings made the perfect gift for our expectant big sisters. These little girls looked absolutely adorable as they pranced around showing off these cute little earring studs.


IMG_7783 - Version 2



IMG_7764 - Version 2



Be sure to check out our review post!

Mint & Coral Baby Shower

“For Love, the leaning grasses and two lights above the sea,” a favorite quote of baby Charlotte’s parents from the Archibald Macleish poem Ars Poetica.



The buffet style brunch included a variety of exquisite bruschetta and elaborate salads – yum!

Charlotte's Shower '14 559

My favorite Baby Girl shower craft: adorable hair ribbons and bows. It’s the perfect setting for ladies to simply have fun and socialize – the variety is endless and no two turn out alike! 
Charlotte's Shower '14 630 Charlotte's Shower '14 641 Charlotte's Shower '14 549

Craft supplies include fabric and ribbon scraps, headbands and alligator clips, scissors, hot glue guns, needles and thread and beads!


Guests enjoyed the Arizona afternoon under a lovely shaded arboretum and a slightly cloudy spring skies.

Charlotte's Shower '14 577 Charlotte's Shower '14 587Charlotte's Shower '14 655Charlotte's Shower '14 609

Classy and cute, the shower invitations featured coral colored chevron and minty fresh font – an irresistible invitation to such a lovely baby shower, featuring hanging bird cages surrounded by flowers. Silver Scraps


Our color themed decorations included a Newborn cheesecloth wrap and headband perfect for little Charlotte’s birth announcement photos! Treasured Memory Lane


A perfect coral and mint colored diaper cake, complete with adorable newborn shoes and a soft white flower clip. Crisp Creations 1

Diaper Cake, Flower & Shoes

Detailed rose pushpins used for our “word of wisdom” advice board, and glossy glass magnets displaying a sweet sign for the teabag favors. The Velvet Vine

Charlotte's Shower '14 569Charlotte's Shower '14 566 - Copy

Be sure to check out our amazing contributors and browse their lovely shops! Take a peek at our review post here.

Coral & Mint Baby shower. Contributors Review!

An event orchestrated to this perfection makes my heart sing! Our contributors were so enthusiastic and generous they truly made this baby shower a memorable event.


Love at first sight. When we found these invitations at silverscraps we knew it was meant to be. They included every detail that our guest of honor loves! From coral chevron to whimsical bird cages and flowers, they were the perfect way to invite guests to our springtime shower. Nichole was more than generous and so very helpful in making this event special, from the initial invitations and gift registry to adorable favor tags and thank you cards everything was exquisitely perfect.



Another fabulous addition to our event was a three tiered coral and mint designed diaper cake from Crisp Creations1. With a beautiful flower hair clip and the most precious pair of new born shoes, Bethany’s eye-catching artistry was the perfect introduction to our sweet little shower. Every baby could use more diapers, and with the personal detail and special surprises Bethany adds any mama-to-be is bound to feel so very touched. Not only is Bethany creative she’s also very generous, there are so many wonderful creations to choose from & 50% of the proceeds go to charity, so be sure to visit her shop!

IMG_6976 IMG_6972 IMG_6975 IMG_6974



A hand-dyed Coral Cheesecloth Newborn Wrap and Floral Headband by  TreasuredMemoryLane wreathed our mama-to-be’s seat of honor. We can hardly wait to welcome Sarah’s precious little girl into the world with kisses and cuddles. Swaddled in this delicate cloth and crowned with the lovely flowers we’re sure she’ll be picture perfect – we can’t wait for the birth announcements! Sue was such a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her shop, which is absolutely overflowing with stunning hand crafted treasures, perfect for every occasion.

IMG_6980 IMG_6982

Update* Photos of baby Charlotte, isn’t this coral color perfect on her?! Such a doll. icm_fullxfull.45028793_99g5v28h0wg8c0k88koo icm_fullxfull.45016480_lzlmqho5lds0w88ggcc4

We have had our eye on TheVelvetVine for some time now. When this shower came around we couldn’t wait to show off Staci’s stunning and adorable pieces of art. Miniature roses, dahlia flower push pins and magnificent glass magnets were spread throughout the party. We had many guests stop to admire their delicate beauty. Staci’s artistry is admirable and we truly enjoyed working with her. Be sure to visit her beautiful shop and see all of her fabulous creations.

IMG_6985IMG_6984Charlotte's Shower '14 569IMG_6998 IMG_6996IMG_6995



Unfortunately we were unable to feature this lovely garland, but we look forward to working with Belle in the near future! Here is a generous little promo from ScissorBellePaper! She says: “I’d like to extend a coupon code to your followers, “scissor10″ at checkout for 10% off any order over $10, good for 90 days starting 4.30.14.” So stop by and get this wonderful deal on any of her fabulous products!


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A Huckleberry Baby shower

We recently celebrated our soon-to-be baby Huck with a lazy summer river party worthy of his name.  There were lemonade drinks, huckleberry pie, a bonfire, and mason jars with “lightening bugs”. It was exactly what you’d expect, and absolutely splendid.
Thank you to my sisters for putting it all together & thank you to the finest company a girl & her red-head could ask for.





Pregnant with Huck1
Table decor featured mock pussy willows & other river flora in empty glass bottles with quotes from Mark Twain piled underneath. Crookedly hung glass jars dotted with glow-in-the-dark paint (lightening bugs), silhouettes of river folk, and an “Oh Boy!” tree banner made of pages from the book, and no Tom & Huck themed party would be complete without  a straw hat & a pipe or two.


Treats included “Mock Huckleberry Pie”, homemade vanilla ice cream (gah!), chilled watermelon slices, & mason jars of lemonade.


Each jar was fastened with twine & a “fish tag” and had a sharpie nearby for drink labeling. Drinking from these jars made my inner Becky want to come out and I had a real hard time not talkin’ in a southern accent y’all.

Thanks to Angela for contributing this super cute banner–you know, I love a good banner–made of pages from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. A copy of the book was also wrapped in brown paper fastened with twine and was given to each guest as a party favor.
(They also made excellent fans on the warm summer night)

My sister Kara (MFTM) made these weathered checkerboards for each table. Opponents played buttons vs. pennies, stored nearby in a mason jar.


Remember me mentioning that “mock huckleberry pie”?


Let me preface this with the fact that I am not at all a fan of pie. Chocolate pie with graham cracker crust? I’m all over that business, but something about warm gooey fruit has never been all that appetizing for this girl–chocolate is my preferred flavor of sweet. That being said, I’m not sure I can say enough about the scrumptious mini pies at my baby shower. Unable to find actual huckleberries, my sister, Arlena made up this recipe and by golly it was so yummy. With a pie crust bottom and more of a “crumble” top, the middle comprised the perfect amount of berry filling as to not be too overwhelming (No yucky gooey texture!–my sister knew her audience) & was thoroughly complimented by it’s icy, creamy, home-churned, vanilla companion.
Recipe featured here on Kara’s blog.


and now, ready for some mouth full of pie faces?




When guests weren’t stuffing their mouths full of delicious pie, they could be found at the “fishing hole” (a bucket full of paper clip clad fish accompanied by a wooden dowel with string & magnets attached). You could try your luck at a “big fish”–various gift cards, or, a “small catch”–bundles of Swedish candy fish. There were also pens nearby so guests could write their best baby advice on said fish, and then toss it back into the bucket.




Pregnant with Huck2

We got a bundle of fun things for our little bundle, but the best was hanging out by the “river” with the most tremendous group of family and friends a little baby Huck could ever dream of.
Thanks for the awesome baby shower!