Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Crisp Autumn air, warm and richly colored fall decor, friends, family and Thanksgiving. What’s not to love about November?
This year I hosted an intimate gathering of close friends to share our thanksgivings over a warm meal and sparkling drinks.Fall Dinner Party-3

Natural branches and sparkling colors to greet guests at the door. Hosting an event always inspires me to break out the festive pieces I’ve created over the years.
Fall Dinner Party-1

And yes, tis’ mid-November and the afternoons are still warm enough to leave the front door open for a while…

Trust me, I would very much love to be lighting a fire and dawning layers of scarves, but alas – this is Phoenix.

Fall Dinner Party-2

Grapevine wreaths make for a simple seasonal decor, and we just added a touch of felt acorns and bronze colored “berries.” I think I’ll just add some boughs of holly in a day or two, and my Christmas decor will be well underway!

Fall Dinner Party-5

As always, vines make for great additions to any season.

Fall Dinner Party-7

Cocktail garnish and Pinterest recipes to follow. Fall Dinner Party-10

Autumn-themed appetizers and dinner menu made for a particularly delightful dinner.Fall Dinner Party-8

Fresh-baked homemade bread.Fall Dinner Party-12

And a delicious apple pumpkin bunt cake for dessert.Fall Dinner Party-20

The simple yet elegant table spread featured our favorite linen tablecloth and my grandma’s vintage silverware.

Fall Dinner Party-15

Fall Dinner Party-19

Fall Dinner Party-18

A fresh Persimmon atop each plate added the rich orange glow that we are so fond of this time of year.Fall Dinner Party-16

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with Joy. Psalm 126:3

Woodland Theme Origami Owl party

Autumn is definitely one of my favorite times of the year, with the weather finally starting to turn, the crisp morning air, richly colored leaves, everything pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin… am I right?

So when my friend told me she was hosting an origami owl party, I jumped at the opportunity to light some cozy cottage candles and decorate with some cozy fall decorations. =)


Look at these most adorable felt acorns! They got lots of attention, tiny, soft and cute, something about this combo makes women swoon. 😉  Courtesy of Iva with TheDwartRam


After I decided on a place to hang them, I sewed through the original hanging yarn to make them into a garland. They slid easily along the yarn and hung perfectly with our cozy decor.


You have to take a look at her holiday pieces. I’m in love with the Halloween spider and glittery Christmas acorns!



Who? RianCityRusticMetals, that’s who! 😉

Handcrafted metal art, like this cute owl candle holder, was the perfect touch for our little party, mixing Autumn & Owls into one. I love so many of their phenomenal pieces, like the shimmery fall leaf and cute lil’ bat!

I love how this candle holder can be used either way, the one side is a bit more rustic and the other has a touch of glam, with a silver shimmer that catches the light.





Birch straws are my favorite… the contrasted white & black wood is just so inviting! My mom couldn’t believe that they were made of paper until she felt it herself, exclaiming, “But they look like real wood!” I concur. 😉 GildedBirch provided them–a fitting name for these little beauties. Definitely saunter over for a look at what else she has to offer.



Take a peek at our Pinterest page for some delicious food & drink ideas. Like tiny pancakes, chai tea & meringue mushrooms!


Autumn Wine & Cheese Party

Sit back, relax and allow  a cheerful Pampered Chef consultant bake you a delicious cheesy dip and warm smore’s cake.


This year support local businesses and friends by hosting a simple party that will bring  holiday cheer to all your family and friends!

IMG_5798 - Version 2

Megan Wakimoto joined the Pampered Chef  because she loves their quick and easy meals made  with practical and durable cook wear. Not one for elaborate meals, she loves being able to make simple and delicious food for her family, on even the busiest of nights. Visit her site to learn more: mwakimoto

Nothing says Autumn more than leaves changing hue, and here in Phoenix they’re not easy to find! Instead we opted for something a little more practical (and I must say, supper adorable!). A variety of paper fall foliage and tiny pumpkins graced the table. Guests were delighted by the Autumnal spread and cheerful decor and they helped them selves to a spread of cheeses and generous slices of chocolate cake.

IMG_5794 IMG_5793

Lori graciously offered her gorgeous and colorful leaves in addition to the tiny orange pumpkins to create a fabulous fall feel to our party. She was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to exploring her other holiday collections!  Dye cuts by: AsEyeSeeItLal.

Gourmet Cheese would not be complete with out the perfect touch of vintage and hand made flair. This cheese knife is everything a hostess could want for a holiday soiree. Its personally hand-stamped touch would make a perfect holiday gift!IMG_5780 IMG_5781Anita was happy to contribute and we absolutely love her vintage silverware shop! From butter and cheese knives to dessert forks and coffee spoons we were thrilled with the chic artistry. See more of her lovely work at her Etsy shop, GertGifts.

As a finishing touch to our night of wine and cheese, elegance met economical with recycled wine bottles filled with holiday cheer. These bottles really lit up the night as guests relaxed in the soft glow and enjoyed a glass with their hors d’oeuvres.

IMG_5805 IMG_5807Chelle creates a variety of clear and frosted lighted wine bottles. We love the idea of using them throughout the holiday season and look forward to featuring them in our December party as well! Visit Chelle here: ClassyGarbage.

Murder Mystery Contributors

Elegantly Haunted was the perfect shop for any halloween party, murder mystery, birthday party, or even wedding! Brandy was great to work with, customizing the invitations and promptly delivering them. Made with such perfect detail and featuring a wide variety of products, ElegantlyHaunted is a favorite Etsy shop.  ElegantlyHaunted



Paige was such a pleasure to conduct business with, working together to stay in contact until the chandeliers were delivered, assembled and gracefully hanging in the dinning room. I can imagine so many uses for her chandeliers! We give her Etsy shop, NarWall, five stars for sure!     NarWall


After falling head over heels in love with these sweet, edible bats, we were provided with a generous and timely supply from SweetDejaVu. Straight forward, down to earth, and with so many options to choose from, we would highly recommend SweetDeJaVu and look forward to working with them again!    SweetDejaVu


DaggerVille Games created the detailed and clever mystery scripts we used for our party. Tons of fun and very reasonably priced, these games hold the key to a perfect murder mystery soiree. DaggerVille Games’ passion to create the perfect scripts filled with mystery and awe is evident in every aspect of the script. We can hardly wait to host another murder mystery party!  Check out the details on their website and start planning your own perfectly scripted and mysterious event!   DaggerVille

IMG_5828 - Version 2


Murder Mystery: Setting the Stage

In order to transport our party to Medieval times, we turned to lots of fabric and candles, realizing that in that time period keeping warm was a challenge. With cloth on the ceiling and walls, the heat rising from the many burning candles would be trapped, creating a desirable warmth. We recreated this feel with lightweight pieces of long material bought from a  bulk store for cheap, and sold either by the yard or pound. Tacking it to the ceiling, we completed the look with delicate chandeliers. The candles cast their flickering light upward from their place on the table, making for an elegant and haunted dinner.

IMG_5796 IMG_5823

Our dessert was set to commence the evening and ease the guests into the second act. We chose  a classic red velvet cake, decorated with tiny golden bats. When I discovered Sweetdejavu’s edible cake decor I fell instantly in love. Made from air brushed wafer paper, these bats are both edible and adorable.


We set the mood with dim lighting, fall decor, spooky outdoor sounds and a slide show of haunted places, which we projected from behind onto a lightweight sheet, which we framed to look like a window.

IMG_5848 IMG_5851 IMG_5868 IMG_5905



Murder Mystery Party

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” – Marcellus

IMG_5914Invitations by: ElegantlyHaunted

The guests arrived in costume with script in hand. After a brief introduction of characters we proceeded to the dinning hall, where the players recited Shakespeare, took on a variety of accents, and revealed their darkest secrets, which made for a shocking evening filled with laughs.


Black chandeliers graced the cloth-draped ceiling, setting the mood for our night of intrigue. The room was lit with candles, which sent their flickering lights upward, revealing the lovely arcs and silhouettes of the chandeliers above.

IMG_5917 IMG_5795Chandeliers by: NarWall

The first act complete, guests delved into creating hypotheses, imagining alibis, alliances, motives, and ultimately accusations of murder. All this while enjoying a piece of blood-red cake which swarmed with golden bats and wild roses. But, served by the hand of the royal cook, could this delicate sweet have “envenomed their innards and dazzled their brains?”

IMG_5784 IMG_5786

Cake toppers by: SweetDejaVu

We ended the evening with further discussion, a casting of votes, surprising revelations, and with a grand finale of the secrets unveiled, this case of a royal murder came to a close.

Each guest was thoroughly pleased with the night, the stage had been set and they felt transported to a time many years ago.  The language of the script was added to by some, who identified with their characters so well that they added in their own quips. Still others took on varying accents. With everyone so deep in character, the air grew chill and an eery aura filled the night.

Script by: DaggerVilleGames

Prepare! For an October party

The perfect October event, you ask? Why only the grimmest and deliciously scary, of course!

A Murder Mystery Party!

From the numerous scripts available through daggerville games we chose to host a dinner party for some of our most theatrical friends,  based around the tragedy Hamlet, the classic royal murder mystery by William Shakespeare.

The characters are cast and the royal invitations have been sent. Haunting and elegant, the invitations were aptly provided by ElegantlyHaunted. These gorgeous hand made cards made us gush, and it was sad to part as we sent them away to bid the players to take the stage.


In preparation for an evening hosted in our “medieval castle,” we will be draping the dining hall with fabric and gracing the ceiling with stunning chandeliers from NarWall. A full three course meal will be served and the evening will commence with a “bloody” red velvet cake topped with  delicate gold bats and wild red roses created by SweetDejaVu.

Planning your own murder mystery party? I hope  we’ve provided you with some frightful inspiration!

Stay tuned for the full event coming soon!