Sunshine and Sprinkles BaBy-Q

We bid the summer adieu with a Sunshine and Sprinkles BaBy-Q!
Yes, it’s still hot and summery here in Phoenix, even in the middle of October–and trust me, we’d all appreciate some “fall” weather! But for this occasion, the bright yellow sun followed by a fiery red sunset was the perfect backdrop.

And for the perfect invitation? We turned to VintageLeeCrafted where Amanda personalized her beautiful yellow-and-grey invitation to meet our request. I particularly love her wine labels – what a great idea for making announcements or a personal request. With the winter holidays fast approaching, check out my favorite label.


Guests were greeted at the door with this sweet and simple request. I love the idea of using a classic children’s book for the guest book! It’ll be read throughout the years and always remind him of everyone’s love.


Prizes for the diaper raffle were sent to us from Sendabox.

What a brilliant idea this is–sending a “box of sunshine” as a gift, a get-well present, to welcome a baby, or just because. For this occasion I split the contents of the original box into two prize boxes for the winners.  Jen is currently working on opening her own business website, I will post the link when it is launched, for now you can send your requests directly to her at:



A bite to eat while dinner was being grilled…

And refreshments served in mason jars with paper straws.

The littl’ns played in the grass… then moved on to our playful photo booth!IMG_7489P1050366IMG_7557

Dinner was preluded with a chalkboard menu and BBQ sauce party favors!


These adorable little bottles and custom labels were created by SouthernStickers. I’ve had my eye on these for some time now, and was thrilled to be able to feature them before the summer’s end. IMG_7440 IMG_7458

Our Sunshine and Sprinkles theme came to its height at the buffet table, with tissue paper pompoms as the sun, sky and clouds. I added some raindrops from my previous sprinkle shower.


Welcome Baby Jude! IMG_7613You are much loved. IMG_8519


4th of July Birthday

What a day for a party!  Not only did we celebrate our rich history and the freedom we enjoy, but also honored those who daily protect and support that freedom which we are so privileged to enjoy. This 4th of July we not only celebrated Independence Day, but also the birthday of our friend who has served the Phoenix Police Department for 5+ years.

Here’s to all those who protect our freedom, both at home and abroad!

Gorgeous paper stars with translucent lining allowed the beautiful glowing light to shine through delicate patterns as the evening waned. These beautiful stars drew the guests out onto the patio where the party began, gracefully hanging from above and swaying in the wind and as the sunset slowly illuminated the night.

IMG_6598IMG_6701IMG_6564Debbie has so many gorgeous designs to choose from, and each is so versatile and fitting for any occasion! Check out her handiwork at ExquisitePaperDesign



Happy. Hero. Home. How can we show our gratitude? Let me count the ways. This perfectly patriotic 4th of July door-hanger hung out on the patio to be admired by all.

IMG_6612IMG_6610IMG_6614TheLittleChandelier creates dozens of personalized door-hangers and wreaths. Get your burlap and bows fix here!



Check out these classy and cool flasks! They were certainly popular among the guests. “Oh what a neat idea!” “How are they made?” and, “dang those are cute!” were the comments of the evening. They brought a touch of vintage history to the day and really tied the event together.

IMG_6647IMG_6649IMG_6752IMG_6762IMG_6708Check out LadyRene‘s shop and admire the unique designs and possibilities she offers! A personalized flask is just such a fun gift idea.


What is a party without food? And what’s better – patriotic-themed food!

IMG_6658IMG_6654IMG_6659We gathered our inspiration from Pinterest!



Relax, kick back and enjoy the summer! We used this fantastic sign to point guests toward a chilled and refreshing drink on a hot, sunny day.  Printed labels wished guests a happy 4th of July in style and patriotic fervor.

IMG_6721IMG_6623IMG_6741IMG_6666IMG_6604IMG_6717IMG_6636IMG_6650GraceWarrenDesigns provided a simple touch that can add a lot to a party. This easy PDF file allowed us to simply print onto label paper, cut out and apply to whatever we liked. Visit the shop for more ideas!


IMG_8858 IMG_8861 IMG_8853 IMG_8852ExquisitePaperDesign


And don’t forget to check out our other patriotic celebrations!




4th of July Summer Party

“Summer Breeze makes me feel fine”

What makes us feel fine? Well, for a hot and sunny 4th of July celebration it’s the cool mist of a water park enjoyed by little children, the great company of friends, and some delicious homemade treats!

DSC_0169DSC_0022toent 4th2 toent 4th1Doesn’t that just look refreshing?!?!

– Watermelon Popsicles: Blended frozen watermelon. That’s it!

– Coconut Popsicles: 1/2 can of coconut milk, coconut flakes, milk (I used vanilla flavored soy), and sugar (optional), and freeze.

– Tilting Jello Cups: I used the “quick set” method, so the jello wasn’t too hot for the cups. I balanced them in a tupperware container (propped up by the empty jello box and each other) refrigerated, and then added some homemade coconut whipped cream and blueberries.

– Coconut whipped cream: I wish I had read the recipes BEFORE opening my can of coconut milk! It turns out refrigerating the can for several hours to separate the cream from the water is important in getting the right consistency. You can find the recipes I would suggest using by clicking on our photos which will take you to our 4th of July Pinterest page.

– Patriotic Red White & Blue Strawberries: White chocolate and blue sprinkles! The photo will take you to Pinterest as well.

– Blueberry water: I dropped some frozen blueberries in an ice tray, added water and froze. My daughter was entertained for quite a while waiting for the ice to melt so she could eat the blueberries… =)

DSC_0117toent 4th3DSC_0209

Fun, Fresh and Nautical. Being fashionable doesn’t need limits! We took the extra step and switched out our  iPhone cases for some summer swag. Phonecasedziners provided these pretty blue designs, which seem to say “keep it cool this summer!”

IMG_8561toent 4th4IMG_8575toent 4th7Nothing is cuter than dressing up a little angel in festive red, white and blue. We shared this sweet headband with some little friends too! Now all the mamas have some fun 4th of July memories to keep 🙂  BabyliciousDivas has so many adorable designs at such reasonable prices – be sure to stop on by and get one for your little angel before the summer is over!

DSC_0064DSC_0055IMG_8612toent 4th5These fabulous fluttering butterflies created by Needlejob drew a lot of attention at the splash pad – we even had a friendly little girl come running up trying to “catch” them because she thought they were really flying! She was soon joined by her mom and grandma, who came over to admire our little get-together and 4th of July celebration and swoon over the impressive patriotic decor. How fun!

DSC_0097toent 4th9toent 4th6
We’re staying classy this summer! Every girl loves a party: the love; the laughter; the style! MILSPECcouture provides feminine, festive accessories that would make any lady feel couture. Military wife Chelsea opened her Etsy shop after discovering how difficult it was to find cute and patriotic clothing and accessories. She now offers many beautiful items, including branch-specific apparel, to women who want to support their military spouses and loved ones in uniform. What a wonderful way to support our troops and their families! Thank you, Chelsea, and thanks to all those to whom we owe our freedom this 4th of July!

The party’s not over yet! We’ve got a 30th birthday coming up this 4th – what an awesome day to be born! And what better time to celebrate? We’ll be sharing more patriotic inspirations with you soon!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

“Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom. July is dressed up and playing her tune.” (Seals & Crofts)

Veterans Day Celebration, Patriotic decorations

Veterans day this year, we hosted an intimate gathering of family and friends to honor those among us who have served our nation.

Bearing our nation’s colors, we decorated the event with patriotic stars and stripes. Adorable pinwheels, delicate fruit cake toppers and graceful hanging garlands abounded. The stage was set for a fun and respectable evening.

IMG_6071 IMG_6083

 Kate provided us with these wonderful star garlands. They swung in the wind like little flags, creating an air of noble patriotism. Her eagerness to contribute was encouraging and we are so thankful for her support in this event!               HookedonArtsNCrafts



The cake toppers were made by Elizabeth. We couldn’t pass by her amazing confetti, cake and cupcake toppers! We chose to use these patriotic creations as our table decor. Using the cupcake toppers as fruit picks, guests had easy access to a refreshing snack throughout  the event. We placed the cake garlands in small glasses filled with sand as our backdrop.      thePathLessTraveled


The pinwheels were created by Aubrey. These adorable pinwheels not only graced the table, but delighted even the smallest of guests. Petite and functional, they are the perfect addition, sure to bring smiles to any occasion.                aubabi78

Great Ideas for the 4th of July coming up too!

4th of July: Kabobs

IMG_8005 (1)

As you’re preparing for your 4th of July festivities, and maybe some 4th of July entertaining, I wanted to share one of my favorite 4th of July meals: shish-kabobs!

I love shish kabobs for a summer crowd, not only are they a great grilling alternative if your bored with burgers and hot dogs but guest’s get to have fun personalizing their own meal. 24 hours before you’re ready to grill, start marinating you’re meat. A good long marinating time is the key to tasty flavorful bites! You can create you’re own marinades/rubs but if you’d like an easier option, just head down the marinating aisle at the grocery store and pick what sounds good. I usually try to get a good variety of flavors (pictured above: Baja lime chicken, Southwest chicken, lemon pepper chicken, Montreal Steak, & rock salt steak) and label them so guests can mix and match as they like. Marinate overnight or 24 hours in the fridge, chop some veggies (onions, bell peppers, small potatoes, tomatoes, anything you like!), add some skewers, and line up on a serving table near a grill for an easy and tasty meal!

*Remember to change plates in between placing a raw skewer and a cooked skewer to avoid the bacterias that raw meats carry. Remind guests as well!
*You can get creative and grill all kinds of yummy things, throw some apples in for a sweet flavor, sausage for something spicy, pineapple…the options are endless!

Happy 4th of July all!