Gender Reveal Balloon Pop!

Every time I heard of a friend thinking about doing a gender reveal I would suggest popping a giant black balloon… I probably suggested it more than once, since I was absolutely tickled at the idea of a shower of confetti raining down as the looks of surprise and joy spread across everyone’s face… You might say I was tickled pink 😉_mg_1701

So when the surprise of welcoming a third baby into our home came to us this summer I jumped at the idea of our own gender reveal balloon and photo shoot! It felt like such a long way off till we could find out the gender and start the planning. The hardest part was keeping the conviction of our four year old, that our baby would be a girl, under control:  “we don’t know yet, but we’ll be happy with whichever we’re blessed with” riiiight!?! _mg_1694

Finally the day came. We ordered the balloons and confetti, had them filled before naps, and then the long wait began till papa came home. Thankfully our photographer is not only a close friend but also a close neighbor so we all agreed to meet outside after dinner. The kids loved to play with the giant balloons as we prepared for the great reveal!


Now I must say, I had some weird pregnancy dreams leading up to this day. Dreaming that the confetti would fall flat and I would be desperately attempting to throw it into the air; trying with all my might and make it sprinkle down over us as I’d always wanted. I am so pleased to say that nothing of the sort happened and in fact the confetti worked more perfectly than I had even imagined 🙂


Are you ready? It’s a…_mg_1741


GIRL!!! _mg_1743 _mg_1745Not only did it shower down, it flew up into the air!_mg_1747Dresden was a bit taken back by the fact we popped a balloon, but Cozette and I had a grand ol’ time tossing the confetti and sharing in our excitement of a baby sister_mg_1759 _mg_1774

Now, when I began looking for the confetti I had one qualification:  it needed to be biodegradable. Since we would be celebrating in our community’s common area I wanted to be sure that after a day or so it wouldn’t be noticeable. I found what I was looking for at DyanisMemoryBox and am pleased to say it almost completely disappeared in just a few days! _mg_1803 _mg_1834

Happy, happy Cozette will be welcoming her baby sister in February!


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