Halloween: Flying Bats

October, and time to break out the bats again! Though the weather forecast calls for upper 90’s all next week, these past few days have been our first true taste of fall, with the slight chill in the air and beautiful Phoenix rain.

I spread out the bats a bit more this time around, since I have plans to add more black bats to the “cloud” this year, but I kind of like the simplicity of the colony I have now, so we’ll see 🙂


I’m still totally in love with this chalkboard pumpkin which was contributed for last year’s holiday card. Check out the past post here: Chalkboard pumpkinIMG_7347 IMG_7350

Aren’t they pretty?!?! Below is the original post and full tutorial, including a printable link!IMG_7351 IMG_7352 IMG_7354 IMG_7355 IMG_7358

(Fall 2015)

It’s official. I’ve fallen in love with shimmery golden bats this year.

With my love for fun decor and affinity for elegance, I simply couldn’t help myself!

I was inspired by the many “bat walls” I’d seen on Pinterest this Halloween season, but I wanted something slightly more chic: a smatter of beauty added to the cuteness of bats – yes, I think they’re simply adorable.

So I hunted down some bat-making tutorials. I copied,  pasted, flipped, rotated, printed, cut, traced, and repeated until I’d created my very own colony of gold and black bats.

I started by printing my edited bat page onto regular paper, and then copied it onto a thick piece of cardboard. This allowed me to save it for future bat creations. I then traced as many bats as I could onto 4 sheets of card stock and cut them out.

IMG_3801 IMG_3806 IMG_3805 IMG_3804 IMG_3802

To achieve 4 sizes of bats (I’m sure you could as many sizes as you want) I just cut the smallest bat both inside the sharpie lines and outside.

Here is my PDF of the pattern: bat’s printable

Frightful Fact: a group of bats is called a Colony.

And here is the original link from Martha Stewart to print a half bat: Half Bat Print out


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