Tiffany’s & Bubbles Birthday Celebration

The second party to our weekend celebration featured the elegant Tiffany Blue theme and the fun Rising Bubbles theme.

Jessica, the owner of WeddingTreatsandMore, contributed this lovely cake pop creation! Blue chocolate-dipped doughnut holes, topped with roses and garnished with ribbons and jewels. She even sought out a mini-chandelier to complete the true “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” atmosphere.


wedding-treats-and-more has just launched a new website with everything wedding related, check it out!


Cozette was ecstatic to have two sweet blue treats… Yum!

The ombre blue backdrop and clear “Rising Bubbles” balloons are a feature of the PinkPoodlesofParis. A small tank* rented from a local shop filled about 100 balloons. I’m such a fan of balloons at a party–they’re a classic piece that makes a big impression. IMG_6744 IMG_6743 IMG_6724 IMG_6719 IMG_6714IMG_6798IMG_6795

We enjoyed the rare pleasure of an overcast sky and ushered in the first day of fall as we celebrated the joy of good friends and a great party.

If you haven’t already, be sure to take a peek at our “Bubbles and Tiffany’s” party post!


*The tank was about 50 cubic feet (that’s how they measure the helium). After calling around, I found the best price from a helium distributor as opposed to a party rental shop. They turned out to be the biggest distributor on this side of town, supplying helium for grocery stores, dollar stores, etc. I’m definitely going there again.


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