Woodland Nature Baby Shower

In honor of my dear sister’s pregnancy I decided to “go all out” with a woodland-themed baby shower. The mossy forest floor full of richly-colored mushrooms and fungus was the inspiration. It may seem strange to some but she has such an appreciation for the unusual beauty of mushrooms. I say “all out” because it really was a phenomenal party and to some seemed over the top, but I’m just beginning to reach the level of perfection that I so admire in the artistic beauty I’ve seen other party planners create.


Greenery from Hobby Lobby. It’s three pieces total, I bought them in separate trips to get the discount, and rearranged the length to make sure they tiered proportionally. The one on the left is two vines wired together.IMG_5514I bought a replacement valve on Amazon for this jar and it is difficult to close, ugh, hence the note.IMG_5512 We bought a jar of Chameleon Concentrated Coffee and included a pitcher of milk and a pitcher of flavored creamer. We like to mix it with 1/3 of the cup coffee, a splash of flavored creamer and the rest milk.  It’s kind of like an chilled latte imo. IMG_5511Just enough protein and mixture of veggies, I learned early on to make sure there’s always a protein option at a baby shower, because there’s usually at least one hungry mama! For this shower we went with chicken salad sandwiches, and evidently they were delicious. In hindsight though, we should have provided double the chicken salad.IMG_5527We felt a little snazzy eating this gourmet cheese pinecone! My lovely assistant Aliyah created this masterpiece.IMG_5389IMG_5394

And my favorite… the desserts! Moss, mushrooms, and butterflies – Oh My!
Sugar Robot supplied us with a plethora of bright and realistic wafer butterflies. We sprinkled them throughout the dessert and dining tables.IMG_5414A fruit tower adds height and dimension, creating an element of awe and pizazz to any beautiful party.IMG_5429IMG_5427IMG_5420IMG_5423 Delicate moss cookie. Green-colored sugar cookies, with a sprinkle of cookie crumbs on top. They look like pretty delicious moss if I don’t say so myself.IMG_5424IMG_5430Baskets of Eatable Cookie Dough, Coco powder-dusted Merengue Mushrooms and Candy Melts topped chocolate cupcakes. A nice variety and delicious spread.IMG_5431 IMG_5438 IMG_5437 I took the opportunity to try my luck at string art. This first one, an inverted tree, took a bit of time but wrapping the string was actually quite relaxing. IMG_5435As you know, I love detail, so with tiny nails and wrapping string, yes I enjoyed it. IMG_5386Beautiful butterflies. The little boys in particular enjoyed eating the butterflies more than looking at them. IMG_5736A quirky mushroom shower wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Kombucha. We had three beautiful pitchers with fresh flavors.IMG_5481If you recall my own baby shower you can tell I particularly love serving caprese salad, its so classy!IMG_5488Party Prizes included baskets of fresh fruit…IMG_5444Bright green sweet potato vines…IMG_5276Delicious vegetables…
IMG_5449A variety of dried mushrooms…
And of course a most fitting  jar of  Komucha with a scoby.  IMG_5451I love the gifts, and when they’re this adorable they don’t even need to be wrapped! They’re an artistic display in themselves.  IMG_5325Petal and Twig Felt hand-sewed this adorable fox onesie. The crisp orange and subtle grey look fabulous against the bright green foliage.IMG_5306IMG_5307 IMG_5316

Inspired by Petal & Twig’s  fox onesie I also fashioned a little fox string art.IMG_5375In keeping with the mushroom theme Organic Quilt Company  provided this adorable organic reversible bib and knotty hat set.

IMG_5299 IMG_5297 IMG_5296Wonderfully soft and lovely colors I fully anticipate the new arrival to be wearing these in no time.
IMG_5293 IMG_5291 IMG_5286Sure the shower is for a little boy but we couldn’t resist breaking out the flower crowns, we created these crowns for a flower crown mini shoot with some of my photographer friends.  Additionally an array of dainty crowns had been provided by a local shop ShopBleuGardens she also creates fresh babies breath crowns which I absolutely love.IMG_5282IMG_5459IMG_5541IMG_5545IMG_5565IMG_5592IMG_5593Table settings, another one of my fascinations, though it does take a bit to safely store I particularly love using real glass dinner wear and fabulous cloth napkins, my next project will to be purchase my own linen from a fabric store and fray an entire collection of gorgeous napkins. IMG_5231 A sprig of rosemary and twigs, spice up any party for this shower it was especially fitting. IMG_5227 IMG_5226Scavenged branches from the latest monsoon we strung it to the ceiling, and fresh branches leaning in the corner freshened up the room and created a mood of foresty elegance IMG_5530IMG_5551IMG_5632The Rusted Nut, just look at that master piece!IMG_5335With a special note from the creator this delicate mushroom forest was a highlight for sure, we read this little note aloud while guests admired the work.
IMG_5331IMG_5340IMG_5342IMG_5346IMG_5347IMG_5232Got a little carried away with my Hand Made Wood Art, but for my newest nephew’s nursery, it was worth it.
IMG_5363I wanted to create a mobil that doubled as a chime, I spent a good several minutes in the accessories isle of Hobby Lobby clanking a handful of pieces together trying to find some that made the perfect chime, walking away with a decent selection but not quite satisfied, I just happened to hear someone jingling about in the chimes section! Didn’t even realize they had one… but rushed over to find the perfect piece. Repurposing it with a few additions of my own I’m quite satisfied with the outcome. IMG_5360IMG_5356The terrarium table. As party favors we created an entire table worth of DIY Moss Terrarium kits. Guests were given basic instructions and allowed to try their creative touch at creating their own mini terrarium with real live moss foraged by Teresa all the way from Arkansa! IMG_5495IMG_5684IMG_5719IMG_5716IMG_5710IMG_5704IMG_5696IMG_5751A full tutorial can be found here in our latest blog DIY Moss TerrariumIMG_5746Delicate Mood and Carpet moss was sent to us from teresab123 in addition to their delicate greenery and wild nature, they had such a fresh soil smell, reminding me of the beautiful forest, ah.




It was a wonderful woodland baby shower, full of gorgeous green moss and deep brown wood, with delicious food and games which filled the room with laughter. It was most certainly a fabulous time and a beautiful event, till next time, good day & good night.


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