Afternoon Baby Shower… Ice Tea, Parfaits and Bubbly!

Welcome to our quaint little gathering, celebrating the upcoming third daughter of a dear friend of mine. She’s in the homestretch now, and nothing cheers up a tired mama more than good food and great company! IMG_9618

Handcrafted with love, these little fabric roses were the inspiration for the simple elegance of this lovely sprinkle shower.



Roses delicately hanging above a delicious sweet ‘n savory spread.

A wide variety of goodies to please everyone. IMG_9624

Scrumptious sweets! Fresh fruit, cookies and mouthwatering desserts from the bakery section. For a small gathering like this it really didn’t cost much to provide an appealing selection that was both beautiful and delicious.IMG_9628

Tasty little cake bites displayed on this mini cake stand I scored at a thrift store! The other two behind it I superglued together to add an element of height to the table. The clear one is an upside down glass, and the white one was a vase from an edible flower arrangement. With the right sized plates they easily pass for store bought 😉


Strawberries add a world of class, with their bright color and juicy freshness.


A section of deli meat ‘n cheese, dressed up with fresh herbs.IMG_9636IMG_9637

The savories – a tasty selection of veggies, grains and protein, especially ideal for expecting mamas at any occasion.


Drink station featured iced tea, lemonade, water and Thai tea. (The tea was confused for carrot juice, which would have been delicious too!)



A little bit of bubbly… it is a celebration after all! With a sparkling Italian soda as an alternate option, we all felt so classy drinking from the champagne flutes 🙂IMG_9656

A fresh sunflower from a friend.

An array of bright florals and vines would have been lovely here as well. Time permitting I’d add that to my to-do list next time.IMG_9710

Mini parfait… yum! There are so many delicious yogurt bar ideas to choose from out there, but we decided to keep it simple and sweet. Greek, vanilla or strawberry yogurt with granola, nuts, craisins and coconut. I don’t mind admitting I went back for seconds!



I absolutely love using occasions like this to pull out the vintage napkins and silverware I’ve been saving up.IMG_9668

Hopefully I’ll get to posting a tutorial on these adorable flowers. For now check out the ones I pinned on our “Baby Shower, Afternoon Tea”.



I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far. Till next time, Adieu!


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