Party ideas from Aliyah- I Walked Into A Shop…

A few weeks ago, my Mom, brother and I went for a walk on one of Dubai’s pristine beaches.

As we strolled along the boardwalk, a store called Romantic Flowers and Events caught my eye.

I decided to walk in and check it out, and noticed some pretty décor items!

They looked neat, so I snapped a few pictures to share. I hope you enjoy them too!



How cute! These pretty heart-shaped pillows are perfect for decorating, especially on Valentine’s Day! Anyone a fan of Frozen? The blue pillow goes so well with that theme 🙂


This is a great idea. Wrapping a piece of lace around a candle-holder will make elegant flickering shadows. A lot of parties and bridal showers can be prettied up in this way!



The upper part of this wall is so creative, with a beautiful pattern cut through it, as a doorway into the next room.



A hanging structure with bead ‘n butterfly strings and gold disks… Interesting!



These large vases are good as a stand-alone, or for holding oversized foliage, walking sticks, or anything else long and tall.





I could imagine so many ways to use these beautiful pieces, couldn’t you? Feel free to share your ideas or Pin them and include your “Pinspiration” 😉 Thanks for viewing!




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