Welcome our newest member to the party blogging team!

Hello, my name is Aliyah.

I’m 14, and I love all things beautiful, floral and entertaining (especially the parts where I can do photography, cooking, and crafts). This past year I helped assist in the decorating and flower arranging for my elder sister’s bridal shower and wedding. I fell in love with the art and realized I had a talent and enjoyed doing it. My favorite times from the events were arranging the flowers and sitting back to enjoy the party, and I would simply love to do more! Right now, as part of my homeschooling, I’m taking an online event planning course.

I have started incorporating some of the behind-the-scenes party planning into my busy schedule, and I hope to one day coordinate and host many parties and events.

At the moment I am writing to you all from Dubai, where my family is staying for a few months while my dad builds a new branch for his business. Although my home is in Arizona, it is a very different experience here (other than the heat!) 🙂  I am thoroughly enjoying Dubai and all the new and exciting people and cultures. I recently explored a local event shop which I will share with you in a blog post coming soon!



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