Christmas DIYs

A couple Christmas crafts from years gone by…

Miniature Forest:

IMG_6198 IMG_6211To create this classy miniature forest I rolled stiff packing paper into various sized cones, painted two with a rusty gold, and, after peeling the scales from large pine cones, attached them with a hot glue gun, starting from the bottom and moving up. The white fir trees are made with soft fuzzy yarn from a craft store, using a paintbrush and Mod Podge. I slowly worked my way upwards layering the soft yarn… I then used a small piece of wire, added beads onto it, looped it, and pushed it through the top of the cone for the finishing touch!



After printing sheets of vintage Christmas carol tunes and lyrics I went to work tearing them into thin strips and, using our trusty Mod Podge and paint brush, glued them onto large ornaments, covering the entire project with a thin layer of glue and sprinkling glitter on them to add a touch of festive charm.IMG_6248


If you look closely this year you’ll see I even added our names and the date as a fun heirloom to keep for the years to come =)


Merry Christmas to you all!



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