Peter Pan 1st Birthday Party

DSC_0290DSC_0194Peter Pan.
Peter Pan was a dream party theme of mine. One I’ve been planning for a long long time. What, you don’t plan your children’s birthday parties while they are in utero? Or sometimes before they are even conceived? Oh that’s just crazy me, huh?
This was the kind of plan you secretly and quietly put together little by little in the back of your mind all the while questioning whether you could ever pull off that super magnificent kind of magic–we are talking pixie dust here! Flying children! Pirates! Mermaids! But the idea of it is altogether too delicious and so one night you gather the courage and reverently whisper to your husband, “wouldn’t it be so cool if we could turn our backyard into Neverland?” Luckily he’s the kind of guy who loves big ideas (& big eyed girls) so we jumped right into planning & I have to tell you…we had so much fun. So so much fun. We were humming “You Can Fly” for months as we plotted how to deliver Neverland and one heck of a 1st birthday party for our little Huck.
P.S. Doesn’t it seem like just a minute ago we were celebrating this?

I have to give complete invitation credit to Bry-Man as he took just a few pointers and ideas I’d been thinking of and then completely ran with it. Barley (or Pero) soaked sheets of his own design featured a map of Neverland on one side and the party details on the other.
“Whether Pirate, Mermaid, or Fairy ye be, whether Indian, Lost Child, or Croc…come in your best Never-Wear, on past the stars to Skull Rock”
Invites were folded & tied with gold bakers twine & fastened with a glittery gold wax seal. Oh we’re Fancy Huh. Our hope was that our smallest guests would get a little taste of Never-magic in an envelope & start to get excited about playing along right away.
DSC_0340 .
We borrowed Grandma’s back yard…a pretty perfect Neverland canvas to begin playing with, and set up Mermaid Lagoon, The Indian Village, Hangman’s Tree (Lost Boy’s Hideout), Pixie Hollow, & Skull Rock.
DSC_0253DSC_0205DSC_0190DSC_0229DSC_0278It really wouldn’t have been complete without this sign & one of my very favorite parts of the party to boot. Thank you to my talented amazing brother & sister-in-law (Mine For The Making) for executing it so perfectly.
DSC_0236DSC_0237love. love. love.

The grown up hang out area was more classically Peter Pan themed. We used his signature colors of green & red with touches of shimmery gold and red feathers…magic baby. Speaking of babies…the party area was also completely “Huck-ified”. A first year banner with a picture for each sweet little month, A 1st birthday chalkboard poster featuring all of his stats & faves (a little hope designs), a picture of him dressed like “Michael” during the Indian Village Celebration scene in the Disney movie, and a big fat chocolate cupcake with his special number on top.
DSC_0218That awesome green & gold tassel garland is from Silverlake Sisters. Loved it.

DSC_0227DSC_0225DSC_0194Enough with the decorating and on to the festivities, yeah?

We asked guests to use the side entrance…where they were met by this:
World’s best uncle. 
I mean, he put on green tights for us…right?
He stood ready with his little burlap pouch of fairy dust (gold glitter) to sprinkle on the costume clad kids and asked them what their happy thoughts were, at which point they got to enter/fly through our “starry sky” (a tunnel Bry made from PVC pipes, black tarp & gold stars-no picture! Oops!) wiiiith the music from the movie playing (think of a wonderful thiiiiing…) and ended up in our little Neverland. Magic. Magic. Magic.

First stop? Indian Village.
DSC_0216Another special thank you to a pretty incredible niece who personified “Tiger Lilly” for some fun Indian games at the end of which, each little brave received a warrior title (my favorite? Adilyn’s ‘Little Red’) complete with a feather in their hair.
DSC_0215The feather bunting below was from Lynn’s Mix and we rather liked it on our teepee.DSC_0206Next the boys & girls were divided for more Neverland adventures. The boys were whisked away to Hangman’s Tree where they made their own swords (paint sticks cut & glued together, colored with markers) and had pirate fighting lessons.
The girls journeyed to Mermaid Lagoon where they got to meet a real mermaid (squeal!), get their faces painted, & made little Mermaid dolls.
When the little Mermaids were nearly done, and the lost boys had just finished their pirate fighting lessons, a real pirate appeared Arrgh! (Thanks Grandpa!) The lost boys & girls fought bravely and in the end when they had that codfish pirate by his throat, he gave up the location of the first clue to a pirate treasure hunt…the first clue was behind his pirate flag at Skull Rock!
All of our Never-kids excitedly raced around the yard reading clues & hunting for treasure!DSC_0278
DSC_0277The clues…DSC_0331DSC_0329 DSC_0328 DSC_0330“I provide water, skinny and long, find a clue here & you can’t go wrong”

The final clue led them to a treasure chest full of gold or errr gold candy that is.
DSC_0301DSC_0296DSC_0300Again, magic I tell you.

About this time, we sang Happy Birthday to the guest of honor, watched him stuff his face with cake (SO cute-really he devoured it. Without any help. Way to go Champ!) & settled in for our feature film. Guests filled their plates with yummy sandwiches, fruit, & cake and then set up “picnic” areas while Bry had some quick help putting up the movie screen (a white shower curtain really does the job quite perfectly).

DSC_0204Kids grabbed sack dinners (juice box, cheese stick, clementine orange, & a defrosting uncrustable to keep it all cool) and made their own little front row up close to the screen.
Watching my little Wendy, Tinkerbell & their sweet little cousins fly around with their arms outstretched right along with the movie? You guessed it…maaaagic.
DSC_0199(popcorn & red vines…movie staples)

Oh! And because I didn’t know where to fit it in up top…we had a few fun things for the grown ups while the kid festivities were going on…
DSC_0220Plenty of snacks & drinks.
And a little Peter Pan/Huck trivia quiz, winners of which received Peter Pan Peanut Butter.

My top 3 “Happy Thoughts” from this magical day?
3. My very awesome, very in character helpers. Mary was THE coolest Mermaid I have ever seen-so talented! She does parties you guys! Among other things she is a pretty darn awesome Anna (Frozen)! Check out her FB page HERE. Thank you Michael for donning tights on your last free day before boot camp! And thank you Tori for sharing your 18th birthday with Huckleman! Thanks for being a grumpy pirate grumpy grandpa! You guys were incredible!
2. All of you wonderful friends & family we got to share the magic with!

Tinkerbell costume from Zibdi

DSC_0193DSC_0198aaaand my number one favorite part was the special little man we celebrated. Love you Huck-a-roo! Happy 1st Birthday!
DSC_0289Huck’s Peter Pan costume is from Lucinda Fabrics.
Stay tuned for a post highlighting party details & sponsors!



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