Puppy Party Contributors!

I just want to start by saying thank you to all of our contributors! Party planning is my hobby, and I couldn’t do it without all of the support and enthusiasm of every single one of the wonderful people behind each of our parties.

So with out further adieu… A Puppy Party 🙂


The adorable invitations were hand crafted cards, designed with card stock and a puppy paw punch, and were blank inside. I simply printed out the party information and used double sided tape. Voila!


The Adopt Invitations are handmade by Lindsey, at MimsAndRanon. 50% of the proceeds from her adoption cards go to her local shelter, where she previously adopted her own fuzzy friend.
Lindsey would like to offer our readers a first-time purchase discount code of 15%. Just enter WELCOMEFRIEND at checkout. This code is good for one time use only, and for any item. But don’t worry, she has a discount code for return customers as well, so you can have a discount any time you make a purchase!


The Balloon was courtesy of Tassels & Tails. Oh my word, I love these things! The giant balloon trailed a lively rainbow of color, beckoning guests in and bringing a smile to everyone’s faces even before reaching the door =)

We had a strangely windy day, so my husband and I did our best to secure the balloon from blowing into our trees! I think it turned out beautifully, don’t you?
Coming to you all the way from Scotland,  tasselsandtails creator Angie provided us with this gorgeous custom balloon & tail to match our color theme. Not only that, but she also provided us with a  green and gold tassel garland, which my daughter absolutely loved to run her hands through.


Be sure to hurry over and take advantage of her 25% off Autumn Sale going on now!


The Dog Bone Chalkboard Labels were a huge hit! I love how ecstatic the little ones were about having their very own cup. These labels stuck perfectly, and stayed on after washing. These chalkboard labels can be written on with a “chalkboard marker” and wiped off to use again and again!


Sookiedog‘s owner Jenny opened the shop in order to work from home and make a humble profit so that her time and funds would be freed up to spend more time with her dog and two cats, and donate or volunteer with her local dog & cat rescue. “As they say, you can’t save all the dogs, but you can save one… we together can make a difference”


These Photograph Cards are amazing. How can you help but melt over these adorable little faces? I love framing cards, getting to see something so adorable everyday, and when the right occasion arrises, with words of love, gifting one of these beauties to another to enjoy. It’s just perfect.


A special little gift for the birthday girl, a puppy party card in the truest sense of the word 😉

MCopen‘s founder Michele is an UCLA graduate who was a photo director, graphic designer and photographer for many years before going freelance. She has designed and published two books capturing the true personality and quirky ways of the French Bulldog breed. You can visit her website here: michelecopen.com



These dachshund notes are oh so cute! I used these little thank you cards to send home the adoption certificate with each child, along with a personal note thanking them for joining us, and adopting a puppy.


She also provided these adorable gift tags! Puppies, puppies everywhere =)

With her architectural attention to detail, southern charm and her cute little dachshund “Lux” by her side, Meghan opened her graphics and paper goods shop in 2010. Be sure to visit byMMcC today!



The White Picket Fence was a crowning item of the party. “Re-cycle, re-purpose, remarkable.” We used this quaint little creation to stage our adoption center, the perfect piece to tie in the puppies with a vision of the perfect home.

IMG_2202 DSC_0068

One crafty lady, Barbara, creates and sells unique, vintage, and shabby home goods in her shop BarbaraAnnsCreations. She has extended a coupon code, EATCAKE ,for 20% off any order over $5.00 to our readers!
(Expires Jan 31,2015, not applied to shipping)


Cookie cutters, precious poodles, and puppy dog bones. Dessert made easy! Who says you have to make a giant cake, or crumbly cupcakes? I say “let them eat cookies!”


And rice crispy treats =) My daughter would say “hoohoo” (her “bark” for a dog) with every bite and pick the little candy bones out of the treats. These little candies added an extra splash of color to the dessert table.

Cookie cutters for everything! My awesome sister cut out some watermelon bones too. It was a big hit with the kids.


Rhonda’s chocolate supplies provides a wide variety of essential and decorative items for cooking and creating your own delicious treats. Visit her shop and check out everything from cookie cutters and chocolate molds, to flavored candy oils and edible designed pieces.


And last, but not least, the white picket fence! Being the first thing guests saw as they walked in the door, it got a lot of “wow, how cool is that!” comments. Such a beautiful wall decal. Unfortunately we don’t have smooth walls and although it was a bit more of a challenge to put up, my sister and I tackled it and were very pleased with our efforts.


SissyLittle offers an exciting array of wall decals, which are a fabulous way to decorate any room! Easily transferable and with a luxurious sheen, I just wish I had more walls to display them on 😉 visit their shop and enjoy browsing the variety.




Updated coupon code!

Although they weren’t able to contribute at this time, I’d like to include a neat shop based all the way over in Australia. lightandco has been so generous and is offering a 10% discount on all products throughout the month of October, so make sure to check them out soon! Use the code ROCKTOBER.


Check out our Recipe Post!



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