A Puppy Party for a 2nd Birthday

It’s a Paw-ty!

I had so much fun planning this precious Puppy Party for my daughter’s second birthday! I tried to keep it small this year in comparison to her first birthday party. Although it was difficult for me to narrow it down, at the end of the day we had a sweet little party with several of her playful pals.

Ballon & garland: tasselsandtails

I fell in love with the idea of a white picket fence surrounded with pink flowers, green grass and blue skies… I couldn’t find a stock puppy party theme like that online, and couldn’t remember where I had gotten the idea in the first place. Then it hit me – the Ikea piece of art that was sitting in my daughter’s room! A friend had gifted it to us only a month or so before, and I hadn’t gotten around to hanging it yet. Now was my chance! I started looking for white picket fences to go with my vision.

Wall Decal SissyLittle

Adopt a puppy! Not only a wonderful real life idea but the perfect theme for a toddlers birthday, the kids loved picking out their very own puppy to keep (complete with a leash and collar which I modified to fit such tiny little toys).

Adopt card MimsAndRanon

(Puppies doubled as party favors, and all for under $20, win!)


I set up “adoption center”, where I asked each of the children to pick a name for the puppy and sign a certificate of adoption. It was hilarious to hear the names they picked when put on the spot. We had a couple “Doggies,” a “There,” and one little boy named his baby brother’s puppy after himself 😉

White fence BarbaraAnnsCreations

Untitled copy 2

I sent each adoption certificate home with each child, tucked away in a personal note thanking them for joining us at the party and adopting a puppy. A great time saving tip for all you busy mamas out there!

Gift tags & Thank you notes byMMcC

It was oh so adorable to see her little friends bearing gifts, each excited as she was to open them and see what was inside.

Untitled copy 3


Moving into the kitchen, we had a delicious spread for lunch of bone-shaped watermelon pieces, PB&J, and juice in their very own personalized sippy cups (spill proof for mama!).


Chalkboard labels sookiedog



The adults enjoyed a Panini bar with a variety of all my favorite toppings – lightly buttered and grilled ’til the cheese melts on the skillet – mmmm!


After lunch and a brief play break…

Untitled copy

We called the little ones over to sing happy birthday and break out the puppy treats: poodle sugar cookies, bone rice crispys and puppy chow.


Cookie cutters chocolatesupplies


Framed photo cards MCopen

Recipe post to follow, so stay tuned!


All in all it was a wonderful September afternoon spent with pleasant company & playful friends.


Take a look at our fabulous Contributors to begin planning your own paw-ty!




The birthday girl eating breakfast and waiting for her party to start =)





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