Ninja Turtles Birthday Party

I’ll admit, a GIRL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party was a bigger challenge then I’d imagined. When our almost four year old claimed her newest obsession (TMNT) I was excited to sojourn back into my childhood. A birthday party with my four favorite turtles?! Awesome! Or should I say, Cowabunga! Hubby and I were singing “turtles in a half shell…turtle power!” under our breath (or embarrassingly out loud) for weeks as we brainstormed.

This one stumped me folks.
But eventually I think we threw some pretty cute ideas together in time for a pretty great 3 year old to turn 4 in radical manner dude.



The invitations were made by my hubby, who is going to take center stage on a lot of these party highlights…Ninja Turtles? He couldn’t help himself. 56d76d5b529ee3bb58c6061eb642b763DSC_0755

   He also made the awesome birthday cake! A bust of the birthday girl’s favorite Ninja Turtle (Leonardo) sat atop a New York Sewer Lid, all made of moist chocolate truffle cake. Aahhh yum.DSC_076082c623a5950b3f9c24e0396412e93561I’ll give you one guess on what we had for lunch. The kid favorite was inhaled by little turtles and grown ups alike. The fact that each kid had their very own pizza box personalized with Lexie’s name made it all the more special. If you’re looking to repeat this party detail I’ll have to tell you it was super affordable and darn easy to do. Hungry Howie’s gave us as many Jr. pizza boxes as our heart desired (24) and all at 6 cents a piece. And the cute personalized labels were from Party Prints Plus (a delightful little etsy shop) for an extremely reasonable price. They have tons of other cute party decor that extends beyond the typical banners & bottle wraps (though they have those too!) check ’em out!



c6c994b09b573919b98169f4a938fc05We had a ball playing Ninja Turtle games! First up, toss the pizza in the pizza box Frisbee style. We used cardboard cake rounds we had on hand & some colored paper to make the pizza’s. My kiddos are still using them to play pizza parlor. The pizza toss was followed by nailing Shredder with ooze (green water balloons), Ninja training (“freeze it!” with karate moves), and a villain hunt. Would you believe it, there were bad guys hiding all over our backyard.




69ec3aad201dd7e952a500a7087d5b37 21cea7619868ee68d58ca622dcbe259d a3b6e631abeca46617c3789341be9d7d 4a9707f3e3f482b1f3284d2b28820f9dIt started to drizzle a little rain toward the end of our fun so we all headed inside for an indoor picnic of chocolate cake, gifts, and goody bags! Ninja Turtle loot included: TMNT bubbles, TMNT stickers, green water gun, TMNT paddle game (all from Party City), Ninja Turtle mask (Amazon), and some neat little turtle shaped soaps in the scent of “Monkey Farts” (oh the things kids love–apparently monkey farts smell quite delicious) complete with a personalize Ninja Turtle tag. The soaps came from The Bath of Khan on etsy. They came individually wrapped with a personalized tag and matching ribbon…awesome!! The bath of Khan has some seriously cute soaps people. When you go check them out take a peek at the baseball gloves, strawberry donuts, wedding cakes, and macaroons. Love them.DSC_0773


DSC_0762670d0d5ae1976f310ea71870e4741e20A totally tubular birthday party dude! Hope you enjoyed it!

The Bath of Khan opened on May 26, 2013 in sunny San Diego. They make handmade soap and party favors; soap favors, bridal shower favors, wedding favors, baby shower favors, favors for baptisms or any special occasion. All of the products are vegan and cruelty free. The Bath of Khan is a proud member of the HANDCRAFTED SOAP AND COSMETIC GUILD. We can be found on Etsy at We hope you visit us soon!



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