Artichokes & Shrimp Scampi, Recipe

People. It’s summer. Summerrrr! June 21st marked the first day of this glorious skinny dipping, watermelon dripping, campfire songs season! Want to celebrate? Try one of my favorite summer traditions coupled with Mel’s (of Mel’s Kitchen Cafe) Shrimp Scampi…a combo that will have you shouting for joy guaranteed!
Artichokes are beloved in our family–by all by the big cheese himself, my husband. How do I persuade him into enjoying them with the rest of us? Add a little protein baby. This shrimp dish is the best scampi I’ve ever had. It has me licking my fingers, dunking my artichoke leaves, and contemplating dunking my napkin in when all the bread is gone. Well done Mel. Salt water, toes in the sand, hot butter & sea food…Summerrrr!

We dip our artichokes in melted butter but the butter sauce these plump shrimp are bathing in is even better. Throw in a loaf of french bread and dinner is served.
DSC_0092DSC_0097DSC_0888Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Shrimp Scampi

& An Artichoke “How To”
1. With a serrated knife, cut off the tip (about 3/4 inch) of the artichoke.
2. With a pair of scissors, snip all of the tip off of the individual leaves layering the outside.
3. cut off most of the stem leaving about an inch on the base of the artichoke.
4. Place in a big pot of boiling water. Make sure the artichokes are as submerged as possible…mine always bob around so I shift them with a wooden spoon during the boiling process to ensure they are evenly cooked.
5. Cook in the boiling water about 25-45 minutes. Cook time will depend on the size of your artichoke. Check for done-ness by pulling on one of the bottom leaves, if it comes away easily, you’re ready to eat.
6. Peel & dip leaves until you get closer and closer to the “heart”. When all of the leaves are gone, scrape out the “hair”–the fuzzy part covering the base & stem–and dip what’s left into the butter. The heart is the very best part!




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