4th of July Birthday

What a day for a party!  Not only did we celebrate our rich history and the freedom we enjoy, but also honored those who daily protect and support that freedom which we are so privileged to enjoy. This 4th of July we not only celebrated Independence Day, but also the birthday of our friend who has served the Phoenix Police Department for 5+ years.

Here’s to all those who protect our freedom, both at home and abroad!

Gorgeous paper stars with translucent lining allowed the beautiful glowing light to shine through delicate patterns as the evening waned. These beautiful stars drew the guests out onto the patio where the party began, gracefully hanging from above and swaying in the wind and as the sunset slowly illuminated the night.

IMG_6598IMG_6701IMG_6564Debbie has so many gorgeous designs to choose from, and each is so versatile and fitting for any occasion! Check out her handiwork at ExquisitePaperDesign



Happy. Hero. Home. How can we show our gratitude? Let me count the ways. This perfectly patriotic 4th of July door-hanger hung out on the patio to be admired by all.

IMG_6612IMG_6610IMG_6614TheLittleChandelier creates dozens of personalized door-hangers and wreaths. Get your burlap and bows fix here!



Check out these classy and cool flasks! They were certainly popular among the guests. “Oh what a neat idea!” “How are they made?” and, “dang those are cute!” were the comments of the evening. They brought a touch of vintage history to the day and really tied the event together.

IMG_6647IMG_6649IMG_6752IMG_6762IMG_6708Check out LadyRene‘s shop and admire the unique designs and possibilities she offers! A personalized flask is just such a fun gift idea.


What is a party without food? And what’s better – patriotic-themed food!

IMG_6658IMG_6654IMG_6659We gathered our inspiration from Pinterest!



Relax, kick back and enjoy the summer! We used this fantastic sign to point guests toward a chilled and refreshing drink on a hot, sunny day.  Printed labels wished guests a happy 4th of July in style and patriotic fervor.

IMG_6721IMG_6623IMG_6741IMG_6666IMG_6604IMG_6717IMG_6636IMG_6650GraceWarrenDesigns provided a simple touch that can add a lot to a party. This easy PDF file allowed us to simply print onto label paper, cut out and apply to whatever we liked. Visit the shop for more ideas!


IMG_8858 IMG_8861 IMG_8853 IMG_8852ExquisitePaperDesign


And don’t forget to check out our other patriotic celebrations!





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