Valentine’s Day Contributors

Love is in the air! (And  in the mail!)

We had a grand time working with our decoration contributors to create the perfect setting for a Ladies Valentine’s Day Brunch.


This LOVEly heart garland swung in the breeze, which carried our laughter as high as the trees (cheesy, couldn’t help it ;). Created for us by Ashley, this is just one among many adorable creations to be found in the GracefulGarlands shop.


Nothing says girly like ribbons and bows, dressed prim and proper right down to the toes. Carly created a whimsical feel of valentines with this white and pink garland of bows. CarlyisInspired provided the perfection of charm and inspiration for our little brunch.


Favorite childhood memories include Doilies, Hearts and… Little Girl Valentines! Girlies and mommies alike loved tapping into their creative side with festively colored doily hearts sent with a note of love by Kennedy from thedestinyofthings.


“A white sport coat and a pink carnation”… though we may have replaced the sport coat with sweet pink dresses, we couldn’t help but follow the traditions of love and Marty Robbins and feature special hand-dyed poms that really looked like carnations! A true highlight of the party, HandDyedPoms created a backdrop for love and friendship to blossom.



Photos courtesy of Anastasia Campos


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