Veterans Day Celebration, Patriotic decorations

Veterans day this year, we hosted an intimate gathering of family and friends to honor those among us who have served our nation.

Bearing our nation’s colors, we decorated the event with patriotic stars and stripes. Adorable pinwheels, delicate fruit cake toppers and graceful hanging garlands abounded. The stage was set for a fun and respectable evening.

IMG_6071 IMG_6083

 Kate provided us with these wonderful star garlands. They swung in the wind like little flags, creating an air of noble patriotism. Her eagerness to contribute was encouraging and we are so thankful for her support in this event!               HookedonArtsNCrafts



The cake toppers were made by Elizabeth. We couldn’t pass by her amazing confetti, cake and cupcake toppers! We chose to use these patriotic creations as our table decor. Using the cupcake toppers as fruit picks, guests had easy access to a refreshing snack throughout  the event. We placed the cake garlands in small glasses filled with sand as our backdrop.      thePathLessTraveled


The pinwheels were created by Aubrey. These adorable pinwheels not only graced the table, but delighted even the smallest of guests. Petite and functional, they are the perfect addition, sure to bring smiles to any occasion.                aubabi78

Great Ideas for the 4th of July coming up too!


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