Murder Mystery: Setting the Stage

In order to transport our party to Medieval times, we turned to lots of fabric and candles, realizing that in that time period keeping warm was a challenge. With cloth on the ceiling and walls, the heat rising from the many burning candles would be trapped, creating a desirable warmth. We recreated this feel with lightweight pieces of long material bought from a  bulk store for cheap, and sold either by the yard or pound. Tacking it to the ceiling, we completed the look with delicate chandeliers. The candles cast their flickering light upward from their place on the table, making for an elegant and haunted dinner.

IMG_5796 IMG_5823

Our dessert was set to commence the evening and ease the guests into the second act. We chose  a classic red velvet cake, decorated with tiny golden bats. When I discovered Sweetdejavu’s edible cake decor I fell instantly in love. Made from air brushed wafer paper, these bats are both edible and adorable.


We set the mood with dim lighting, fall decor, spooky outdoor sounds and a slide show of haunted places, which we projected from behind onto a lightweight sheet, which we framed to look like a window.

IMG_5848 IMG_5851 IMG_5868 IMG_5905




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