Murder Mystery Party

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” – Marcellus

IMG_5914Invitations by: ElegantlyHaunted

The guests arrived in costume with script in hand. After a brief introduction of characters we proceeded to the dinning hall, where the players recited Shakespeare, took on a variety of accents, and revealed their darkest secrets, which made for a shocking evening filled with laughs.


Black chandeliers graced the cloth-draped ceiling, setting the mood for our night of intrigue. The room was lit with candles, which sent their flickering lights upward, revealing the lovely arcs and silhouettes of the chandeliers above.

IMG_5917 IMG_5795Chandeliers by: NarWall

The first act complete, guests delved into creating hypotheses, imagining alibis, alliances, motives, and ultimately accusations of murder. All this while enjoying a piece of blood-red cake which swarmed with golden bats and wild roses. But, served by the hand of the royal cook, could this delicate sweet have “envenomed their innards and dazzled their brains?”

IMG_5784 IMG_5786

Cake toppers by: SweetDejaVu

We ended the evening with further discussion, a casting of votes, surprising revelations, and with a grand finale of the secrets unveiled, this case of a royal murder came to a close.

Each guest was thoroughly pleased with the night, the stage had been set and they felt transported to a time many years ago.  The language of the script was added to by some, who identified with their characters so well that they added in their own quips. Still others took on varying accents. With everyone so deep in character, the air grew chill and an eery aura filled the night.

Script by: DaggerVilleGames


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