Prepare! For an October party

The perfect October event, you ask? Why only the grimmest and deliciously scary, of course!

A Murder Mystery Party!

From the numerous scripts available through daggerville games we chose to host a dinner party for some of our most theatrical friends,  based around the tragedy Hamlet, the classic royal murder mystery by William Shakespeare.

The characters are cast and the royal invitations have been sent. Haunting and elegant, the invitations were aptly provided by ElegantlyHaunted. These gorgeous hand made cards made us gush, and it was sad to part as we sent them away to bid the players to take the stage.


In preparation for an evening hosted in our “medieval castle,” we will be draping the dining hall with fabric and gracing the ceiling with stunning chandeliers from NarWall. A full three course meal will be served and the evening will commence with a “bloody” red velvet cake topped with  delicate gold bats and wild red roses created by SweetDejaVu.

Planning your own murder mystery party? I hope  we’ve provided you with some frightful inspiration!

Stay tuned for the full event coming soon!


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