Garden Party Sponsors

We were so excited to have an abundance of fabulous sponsors this past month and  we’re equally excited to introduce each one to you!

The giant chalkboard that graced the entrance to our party was created by MoulageCollection. She has been a wonderful contributer to work with and we are grateful for her talents. Elizabeth offered her latest and largest size of chalkboard because she wants to promote it (worked out great as I already had the perfect sized frame!).
The fabulous confetti filled balloons that beckoned guests into the party came in three different color schemes and were contributed by Meg-Made. We felt they perfectly matched the excitement and style of the party. Meg was excited to be a contributor and we were excited to have her!
Cozettes_First_050 Cozettes_First_043
The adorable paper bags and boxes were  used to serve snacks to the kiddos and were contributed by atiliay. Each box and bag held snacks and goodies perfect for little fingers. Olivia was eager to come to our aid and made several helpful suggestions.
Flower styled pompoms bloomed in the trees at our garden party. They came in both small and large sizes, and were contributed by especiallyforyoubyyw. We thought they were perfect to sprinkle throughout the party, lending a festive air to the setting. Mrs Wade was so generous and insightful, and we are looking forward to further fabulous contributions in the future.
DearBetsy contributed the beautiful paper origami flowers.  Teri was so helpful to our plans, even working around a tight schedule to ensure we got our flowers! They were a highlight of cake time for sure.



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