Birthday Party: Mermaid Merriment

I know, Dunkin’ Donuts are weeks into their “Tis the Season for Pumpkin” campaign, and the air is getting chilly, but I couldn’t resist sharing one last summer party with you.
This one took place back in August and was in honor of a mermaid lovin’ 3 year old.  On the scale of great big birthday parties, this one was small, but perfect and thanks to some of our lovely sponsors, featured some pretty adorable decor.



Starting with a color scheme that screamed “mermaid” and believe it or not was inspired by that super cute mix of paper straws below, combining “sea” elements (conk shell dishes, coral, sea weed, sand, & fish netting) to the atmospheric dimension of the hanging pom-poms & confetti garland made the whole thing Ocean themed while adding just the right amount of “girly”.  3-year-old mermaid lovers in attendance? All impressed.


Sea fairing foods fit for tiny mermaids & grandparent/parent mermaids alike…

“Sea Pearls”
(grape-sicles–or frozen grapes on a skewer)
“Driftwood, Seaweed, & Fish”
A plastic shell shaped bowl full of pretzel rods, goldfish crackers, and an actual dried seaweed snack found at the Farmer’s Market. Nobody liked it (too fishy!), but it was darn fun to try. With the darling nut cups next door, parents could help hungry tots to a pre-dinner snack.
“Shark Teeth”
A white American cheese block chopped into ragged triangular pieces.
“Mermaid Punch”
Country Time Lemonade with a couple of blue kool-aid packets stirred in.
“Tropical Sea Fruit”
There was nothing tropical about the fruit featured in this awesome fruit carving done by Occasions Catering, but we called it that for fun anyway. Featuring cantaloupe starfish, chopped watermelon,
“sandy” apples & hiccamuh sea shells & crabs, this little number was really the star of the show.



Those cinnamon & sugar covered apple slices had an accompanying peanut butter cream cheese dip (in the sand pail up above) that was completely scrumptious.




Store bought angel food cake chopped in half, slathered with cool whip, sprinkled with more “sea pearls” (sprinkles), and some generous handfuls of summer blackberries.  Light, easy, popular & delicious.




There are about a million shots of these pom poms because I just really couldn’t get enough of them. I love how they turned out just delicately hanging there at all different heights. Thanks to Pomtree who did a spectacular job on them and was also fun to work with.



Poster board cutouts of coral, seaweed, & starfish paired with vertically hung streamers helped to create a little bit of an “under sea” atmosphere. It certainly had the birthday girl singing, “Under the Sea” in an ongoing refrain ; )

And last but not least…party favors (in stinkin’ cute favor bags done by Spiral Sage, had teeny tiny “Little Mermaid” bottles of bubbles & a Crayola 6 pack of crayons in “Shimmering Mermaid” (picked up during back to school sales!)

Favor bags, paper straws, nut cups, and baker’s twine, all came from and adorable (& completely affordable!) Mermaid themed party pack offered by Spiral Sage. Check out more of their party bundles here.

Poms & circle garland by Pomtree whom I sent a picture of Spiral Sage straws too & Pomtree matched happily & perfectly : ) The tissue paper made pom poms came in perfect condition, included invisible fishing line for hanging, and detailed instructions. Awesome!

Thank you thank you to both of our post sponsors!!


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