A Huckleberry Baby shower

We recently celebrated our soon-to-be baby Huck with a lazy summer river party worthy of his name.  There were lemonade drinks, huckleberry pie, a bonfire, and mason jars with “lightening bugs”. It was exactly what you’d expect, and absolutely splendid.
Thank you to my sisters for putting it all together & thank you to the finest company a girl & her red-head could ask for.





Pregnant with Huck1
Table decor featured mock pussy willows & other river flora in empty glass bottles with quotes from Mark Twain piled underneath. Crookedly hung glass jars dotted with glow-in-the-dark paint (lightening bugs), silhouettes of river folk, and an “Oh Boy!” tree banner made of pages from the book, and no Tom & Huck themed party would be complete without  a straw hat & a pipe or two.


Treats included “Mock Huckleberry Pie”, homemade vanilla ice cream (gah!), chilled watermelon slices, & mason jars of lemonade.


Each jar was fastened with twine & a “fish tag” and had a sharpie nearby for drink labeling. Drinking from these jars made my inner Becky want to come out and I had a real hard time not talkin’ in a southern accent y’all.

Thanks to Angela for contributing this super cute banner–you know, I love a good banner–made of pages from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. A copy of the book was also wrapped in brown paper fastened with twine and was given to each guest as a party favor.
(They also made excellent fans on the warm summer night)

My sister Kara (MFTM) made these weathered checkerboards for each table. Opponents played buttons vs. pennies, stored nearby in a mason jar.


Remember me mentioning that “mock huckleberry pie”?


Let me preface this with the fact that I am not at all a fan of pie. Chocolate pie with graham cracker crust? I’m all over that business, but something about warm gooey fruit has never been all that appetizing for this girl–chocolate is my preferred flavor of sweet. That being said, I’m not sure I can say enough about the scrumptious mini pies at my baby shower. Unable to find actual huckleberries, my sister, Arlena made up this recipe and by golly it was so yummy. With a pie crust bottom and more of a “crumble” top, the middle comprised the perfect amount of berry filling as to not be too overwhelming (No yucky gooey texture!–my sister knew her audience) & was thoroughly complimented by it’s icy, creamy, home-churned, vanilla companion.
Recipe featured here on Kara’s blog.


and now, ready for some mouth full of pie faces?




When guests weren’t stuffing their mouths full of delicious pie, they could be found at the “fishing hole” (a bucket full of paper clip clad fish accompanied by a wooden dowel with string & magnets attached). You could try your luck at a “big fish”–various gift cards, or, a “small catch”–bundles of Swedish candy fish. There were also pens nearby so guests could write their best baby advice on said fish, and then toss it back into the bucket.




Pregnant with Huck2

We got a bundle of fun things for our little bundle, but the best was hanging out by the “river” with the most tremendous group of family and friends a little baby Huck could ever dream of.
Thanks for the awesome baby shower!


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