Backyard Summer Movie Party





Happy Labor Day!
How do you celebrate the end of a perfect summer?We said farewell to the season of fun with a backyard movie night, perfect weather, and a bundle of friends.  Ready to join us?


We rented a projector for a pretty fair price & made a screen from a white shower curtain liner! (Idea from here). We just happened to be making a couch switch in our living room and thought our old 3-seater would be the perfect addition. We invited guests to bring chairs & blankets but we had a few on hand as well including our toddler’s cozy coup & red flyer for tiny seating : )

All the classics made an appearance, Heinz 57, Yoohoo, Hebrew National Franks, Crinkle cut fries smothered in chili & cheese…summer perfection.


Guests loaded up hot dogs straight from the grill with toppings like, sauerkraut, chili, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, relish, mustard, and (though I’m strictly against it) ketchup. Adooorable trays & checkered liners from Happy Dots Handmade.



oooh and Jay Dawg’s sauce too. Of local fame ; )


Drinks featured summer faves: bottled IBC rootbeer, yoohoo, sparkling cherry limeade, & bottled water in an icy cold ice bath.


Happy Dots Handmade also provided some fun paper bags for popcorn & we provided all the fixin’s to load ’em up.
A giant tray of buttered “movie theater popcorn”, an array of mini candy bars,  and some movie must haves…
red vines & sour patch kids : )


We also set out some glow sticks for the kids (a big hit) & some bug spray which thankfully went unused on the rare bug-less night.


The company was delightful, the weather was cool, the movie (The Muppets) was enjoyed by all ages–all toddlers sat almost entirely still the entire time if you can believe it, and I loved every minute of it.


P.S. The very best part was using the set up for 2 after the whole gang left. Hubby & I cuddled on a couch under the stars…now there’s real summer perfection ; )
See ya summer! Bring on the crunchy leaves & pumpkin crumble, we’re ready now : )

P.P.S What really made the whole thing super-duper cute & classic looking where all of the little details featured by Happy Dots Handmade.
We loved the little cardboard hot dog trays, popcorn bags, & I especially loved the checkered lineres. Happy Dots was a dream to work with and they feature tons of other cute party details in their etsy shop. Take a look!


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