Hosting Tips: How to Feed a Crowd + Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Ever feel host-challenged about the prospect of feeding a large crowd?
Whether it’s a baby blessing/christening, a gathering after an event (think dance recital or school play), or a party where chips & carrot sticks just won’t do…feeding a crowd can be a challenge.
What menu will please every guest? Which foods will be mess-free and safest for kids? What’s the best way to prepare and keep food warm? How many ingredients should you buy and prepare per guest? What are the best make-ahead, fuss free foods? We’re sharing our favorite tips on feeding a crowd this week & we hope it helps solve some of those entertaining obstacles.
*We would love to help you with whatever questions you’ve got,  comment below  and we’ll come back with our best advice!

To start with, I (Katie!) am going to share my very very very favorite blog with you: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I’m on this website at least a few times a week, not just to poke around and browse (although it’s delightful for those purposes too) but because I need it. This blog holds so many of my favorite “go-to” recipes, that I’m constantly on there double checking the measurement for this or that favorite family dinner. The meals aren’t crazy challenging, but they are almost always crazy delicious. I need Mel, I trust her, she is a vital part of my kitchen.
Imagine how excited I was when I stumbled upon a post entitled “Three Fabulous Menus for Feeding Large Groups”. BBQ, Italian, & Comfort food, all complete menus (with sides & dessert!) modified to feed around 20 people. She takes the guess work & the math out of doubling (tripling, quadrupling…) the recipes, pairs yummy menu items any majority will love, and even has a detailed schedule for cooking including how far in advance you can/should prepare each item for maximum stress-free simplicity. LOVE it. And since I know everything Mel cooks is tasty, I know I can trust these too ; )


BBQ-Pork-Sandwiches-Menu (3)

Check out all 3 menus at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe!


2 Comments on “Hosting Tips: How to Feed a Crowd + Mel’s Kitchen Cafe”

  1. Chelsea says:

    I too love Mel! Her baked chicken taquitos are a staple in my menu rotation!

  2. Mel says:

    You are too sweet, Katie! Thanks for the kindness! I’m always on the lookout for other great crowd-friendly meals; hopefully I’ll be adding more large menu plans soon!

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