Recipe: Insalata Caprese

With all the Italian cooking we do around here, I’m considering changing the name of this blog to, “To Entertain…with the Italians”
Nice ring eh?
For now, get ready for some serious garlic breath because we’ve got a bunch more of our very best & tastiest Italian foods, straight from our Italian kitchens, coming your way next week. Who says summer is all about watermelon & lemonade?

Insalata Caprese

Ready for a lesson in Italian? Repeat after me, “Antipasto!” or in our Italian American New York chopped way of saying it, “Ahn-tee-pawst”
We Italians love us some marinated tasty goodness before a big bowl of carbs and we call it “Antipasto” (you might call it an appetizer, or a starter)…this salad is a classic example.

sliced fresh mozzarella
*(lots of places sell it pre-sliced, like wal-mart, check the fancy cheese bin)
sliced fresh tomatoes
chopped fresh basil
salt & pepper
olive oil

Start with the tomatoes on bottom and place in a circular shape on your serving tray. Layer cheese on top of tomato and repeat in a pyramid type formation. Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil over the entire thing & sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. Finish by topping with the chopped basil.
So fresh, so delicious.

*Another version from us here: Caprese salad with croutons


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