1st Birthday Party: Jax’s Pink & Green Candyland

Springy sweet decor to adore & an abundance of sugary goodness all for a very special, very tiny, guest of honor.
Welcome to Jax’s 1st Birthday Party!

Mama (Angel) is a blogger for “Yay Baby!” and had a sure vision for this little one’s celebration. Not a fan of character birthday parties, she stumbled upon this butterfly extravaganza when browsing the Spring clearance aisle at Michael’s. Other favorite places for gathering party supplies? Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and more Michael’s. Using Wall decals (dollar tree), and wrapping paper around each framed photo in her home, Angel was able to disguise her regular home decor to really create a complete atmosphere for this pink and green spring wonderland.



The entry way featured a gift table decorated with photo’s of Jax and custom made chalk board all about the birthday girl!
Chalkboard from The Fancy Type Company…offering a special deal for Yay Baby! readers, 10% off through the end of July with code Jax10FT.


Let’s start with dessert, shall we?

Mini milkshakes & cookies.
Would you believe these were as simple as ordering an extra large shake from a drive-thru and then distributing them in tiny glass cups and adding a snipped paper straw? These were a hit with the guests!


Butterfly cupcakes from Sweet Stops, the same bakery that made Angel’s gender reveal cakes when Jax was still a tiny jelly bean in the womb! Jax’s sheet cake came with a matching smash cake and was ordered from Target.


Jax’s Mommy wanted to keep the food simple and stress free–no cooking up a storm in a messy kitchen for days before. The answer? Sandwiches ordered from Costco accompanied by simple tasty salads & a bag o’ chips.



Both baby and adult friendly, this menu featured some of baby Jax’s favorite foods: strawberries & blueberries, as well as snack squeeze packs, and toddler finger foods: cheerios, Mum mums, Gerber crunch sticks, & goldfish. Extremely thoughtful and delicious to boot.


hink this pasta salad looks tasty? Find the recipe here.

rinks, again both toddler and parent friendly featured, water-“for the purists”, guava strawberry punch-to match the color scheme, lemonade, and tropical iced tea. Cute milk bottle jars featuring a pink striped paper straw or pink and green sippy cups were set out for filling options.

Angel thought of some pretty darling party favors.
The first one a sentimental keepsake…

Pre-bundled note cards, markers, and baby safe ink pads were layed out for guests to use their babie’s toes to create a one of a kind, take home, butterfly card. Too cute.

The second…



Did someone say candy buffet?


Happy 1st Birthday little Jax!!

For a completely detailed version of this party including tons of sales & promo codes for snagging some of this party stuff, visit Angel at Yay! Baby & be sure to follow!!


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