Twin Baby Shower: Sugar & Spice Garden Tea Party


When Abby opened a giant box of PINK  helium filled balloons revealing the gender of her baby girl twins, we knew a girly celebration would be in her future. What would be more appropriate than a sugar & spice grown up tea party? We had a lot of fun with this one and hope you will too!


We set up 3- 6 foot tables in the backyard under a big white tent, covered them with white table cloths and burlap runners (donated by Kara MFTM-thank you!) we gathered & borrowed as many cake stands and tiered plate stands we could find and added those to each table too. Just one trip to the thrift store completed our glass tea cup collection ($3 for 6 tea cups & a glass punch bowl!-wow!) and glass plates from Arlena’s personal collection were placed under each one. Cloth napkins tied with sheer ribbon & embellished with soft pink silk flowers added a touch of color.


Originally I’d wanted a burlap banner. Oh, I’d envisioned that cute little bunting banner hanging from the tree adding all sorts of cute shabby chic-ness to the affair. My sister tried everything in her power to steer me away from the idea, at first gently suggesting other options and then finally proclaiming, “I’m so sick of burlap banners I could barf” or you know, something like that.  In the end we compromised on a combination of lacy fabric flag banners & this adorable doily garland (idea came from my sister-in-law at MFTM who also loaned me a burlap bunting banner–you know, just in case.)


Extremely easy to make, and cost effective to boot, this garland was made from paper doilies & cupcake liners glued to a strand of twine.


Arlena cut & glued this lacy fabric we fell in love with at Joann’s to wooden dowels and hung them strategically all around the yard & from the inside of the tent. They danced perfectly in the light breeze-I loved them.


We were pretty lucky that Arlena had an array of beautiful tea pots on hand, we chose a different one to place on each table making the look eclectic & unique.


Each table held a bell for guests-rather contestants-to play a trivia game about Abby’s pregnancy. What’s Abby’s biggest craving? Guacamole & French toast…though not together of course ; )
Winners were rewarded with Kraft paper wrapped mini boxes of chocolates tied with a sheer pink ribbon.


Favors were placed at each table setting, tiny envelopes with an assortment of wildflower seeds inside.









Our brunch menu began with little flower shaped bread slices, jars of homemade strawberry jam (Arlena made), and tiny gourmet flavored jars of honey for spreading.
Course #2 was served on the tiered plate stands: assorted fresh fruit & berries, cucumber sandwiches on butter croissants, and bacon & chive quiche.
(Occasions Catering)
With a cake on each table, guests got to pick from strawberry shortcake or lemon cream cheese cake. (both by KatieCakes)




And then the party began…giggles & gifts & girlies…






Abby got showered with diapers galore, onesies & dresses in double, and love of course ; )



Fantastic fun, and now we can’t wait for the tiny little ladies to arrive!

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One Comment on “Twin Baby Shower: Sugar & Spice Garden Tea Party”

  1. Kara says:

    Beautiful, simple, elegant. Love it all!

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