Baby Shower: Ahoy it’s a Boy!


Almost the exact moment my best friend Julia announced she’d be having a baby boy, I had several baby showers planned. A boy! Something very exciting and much coveted around these parts. I sent a few Pinterest boards her way (a pretty handy party planning tool if ever there was one) to see what she liked. Luckily, her favorite was my favorite, (that’s why we’re BFF’s folks!) and I got to plan a nautical party…something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now.
So here we go…Ahoy it’s a Boy!


To decorate the buffet table, we used white washed “driftwood” for dimension (remember that here?), lil sailor themed items from Hobby Lobby (jars, anchor, red buoy), and an adorable bunting banner from Zurchers.


Beverages were self serve in the form of mason jar lemonade with blue baker’s twine and topped with a red chevron paper straw.  Drink dispensers were labeled with Simply Create Design’s sweet little cupcake toppers/turned labels and fastened with more baker’s twine.



Oh baby shower food! Isn’t it the girliest food that exists?? We went with some of the yummiest classics for this shindig.


Ready to load your adorably rectangular plate? (target!)






Oh golly was this one yummy^ Pesto pasta salad…and while we were all cautious about the combination of noodles and lettuce, boy did it work together in a delicious marriage of crunch & spiral-y goodness.
My fabulous co-host Emy got her recipe from The Pioneer Woman


Hmmm did I mention dessert? From scratch Lemon Poppy Seed Cake (Tearah’s recipe made by Marissa and on her birthday no less…cake’s gotta taste better when a birthday girl makes it, no?) and Chocolate Truffle Cake made by my bakin’ hubs.



I had big grandiose dreams about centerpieces that were made up of mason jars filled to the brim with crisp white hydrangeas.  Upon calling a florist I learned that hydrangea are $20 a stem! Wowza! Silk ones? $10 a stem! We went with clusters of crisp white $1 a stem carnations instead : ) I think they did the trick nicely.


Around the base of the centerpieces we scattered “do as you like” party games. Something to inspire conversation and activity without gathering everyone’s attention and making them wrap yarn around their bellies. Not that I’m against that–but we went a different route for our “sea side” soiree.


Simply Create Designs made these especially for me (she’s so good about that!): “Who Will Baby Look Like?” with pictures of Mom, Dad, and their 2 other babies for reference, as well as “Wishes For Baby” a sweet personalized keepsake for the expected bundle.




Favor Labels from Simply Create Designs topped plastic treat sacks full of Swedish Fish, Spearmint Life Saves, and Salt Water Taffy (from the Great Salt Lake even)


We all had a blast, got to coo over tiny baby boy clothes, and went back for several helpings (or maybe that was just me…?)


If you’re wondering where I got plain mason jars with no embossed writing on the side…Walmart…and they’re less expensive than the others too!
If you’d like to order the same party printable package head to Simply Create Designs, and my leftovers are up for grabs too, coming soon to an etsy shop near you : )



4 Comments on “Baby Shower: Ahoy it’s a Boy!”

  1. nowamomJulia says:

    Ah this makes me so happy! Loved it all, selfish food and such adorable decor by my most favorite party planner!

  2. Krista Horton says:

    It truly was an adorable shower. I am glad Julia posted this link because I asked you about your site and then forgot what it was!

  3. Emy says:

    cutest baby shower ever! the party was a great success.

  4. Ruth says:

    Everything looks so cute! I bet it was a lot of fun also!
    Sorry, I had your daisey lids…but they were awesome for my garden party! Tons of compliments! Thanks so much for sharing!

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