Birthday Party: Feathers & Triangles: an Indian themed powwow

Let’s be honest, little boy parties can be tricky. Maybe it’s because I’ve always got little girl themes on the brain–having only little girls, but themes little boy’s will get excited over that don’t involve characters seem to be slim pickin’s. We’ve got a few of ’em comin’ your way this week starting with Cayden’s 4th birthday party:icm_fullxfull.25254257_3d5fnhsykfc4s08ckgow

Cayden’s Momma, Sophie, compiled a pinterest board for ideas and inspiration to get started on planning Cayden’s fourth birthday party. She jumped on board with the triangle/feather trend and incorporated it all into a little boy’s fun adventure! Sophie assembled DIY tents in her living room for party fun/decor and embellished them with feather & triangle garlands.
DIY tents here.


Mason jars full of homemade arrows–constructed from paper cut-outs and wooden dowels made for creative decor and a pretty cute cake toppers : )

Sophie made Indian themed outfits for the birthday boy and his adorable little brother (I mean, look at that cutie!) leggings, t-shirt and head band made with stamps & fabric paint.

The party snacks were arrow/triangle themed and also little boy heaven: chocolate & powdered donuts, Swiss cake rolls stuck with paper/toothpick arrows, cupcakes, feather sugar cookies, jumbo tootsie rolls, and a bugle/pretzel sticks mix.


Sugar cookies by KatieCakes (or yours truly ; )


Sophie also made little leggings for party guests so each little guy would look and feel the part!


The little fellas made beaded necklaces to take home (dyed dried pasta) so they could continue their Indian adventure play.


Happy 4th Birthday Chief Cayden!


4 Comments on “Birthday Party: Feathers & Triangles: an Indian themed powwow”

  1. Marissa says:

    That is so cute! Very clever

  2. Kara says:

    How adorable!!!!!

  3. Sophie J. says:

    Oh my goodness!! I just saw this! Thanks for the post katie!! Your cookies were a hit!!

  4. Leslie Chambers, the Grandma.... says:

    I went to that party and it was so adorable and fun!!! The food and treats were so good!! And the sugar cookies were delish!!! Leslie

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