St. Patrick’s Day: A Traditional Irish Meal

I am Italian…have a long Italian heritage and am proud of all the yummy food thoughts that that congers up!  My parents were both good cooks and food was always the center of our family gatherings.  My mother made little that I didn’t care for but one of those dishes was called , “New England Boiled Dinner”.  It contained to my memory, stringy corned beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage.  In a house where dinner was greeted with cheers this was a big thumbs down for me.  When I first married into an Irish family I kind of ignored the St. Paddy’s day celebrations.  As time went on I got a little braver and made what I thought was a good substitute dinner to honor the forty shades of green and leprechauns.  This was a meal of spinach fettuccini, a tossed green salad and lime sherbet for dessert.  The meal was liked by all but not traditional Irish fare.  Another attempt I made was a shamrock shaped meatloaf all covered in parsley!  I thought this was clever and crafty but I still had not measured up to the traditional dinner.  So I mustered up my courage read lots of recipes and gave the traditional meal a try …with a little twist or two.

Traditional Irish-American meal: Baked Glazed Corned Beef/Buttery Red Potatoes/Quarter Cabbage for those who must/Sweetie Carrots complete with Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread

Corned Beef
I buy the flat cut of corned beef which is larger and leaner, but keep in mind, this meat does shrink a bunch.  The better I got at this I actually would bake 2 or 3 of these so we were sure to have one full piece left over  for hash (Recipe to follow).

Spray your roasting pan with Pam put maybe ½ cup of water in it.  Rinse off the meat and place it inside the roaster.  The next step is very important, take the spices that are packaged with the corned beef and toss them right into the garbage.  Yup!  Then cover the roaster and bake at 350’ in oven for about 1 hour.  When the hour is up drain the fatty liquid from the pan and coat the meat with apricot peach glaze.  (I simply buy and mix a jar of apricot jam with a jar of peach jam) Bake for another 30 mins.  Let the meat rest 15 mins or so…slice against the grain…….using an electric knife will make nice thin slices .

This truly scored with all of the little lephrachauns and many were introduced to this Irish fare!  I learned to hide any meat I wanted to save for hash the next day.


(image borrowed from epicurious)


Chop a medium onion and sauté in a pan with a small amount of  olive oil.

Chop up left over red potatoes (hopefully you have about six or so leftover but feel free to adjust as you like)   and add to pan. Add about a half stick of butter chopped….sprinkle with some garlic salt and black pepper.

When the potatoes are toasty and done…add the left over chopped meat – just to warm.

You can eat it like that, or top with fried eggs……..and or leftover toasted Irish Soda Bread



Sweetie carrots

Steam carrots until soft ( I like to use the baby carrots) …add a quarter stick of butter and sprinkle with brown sugar…YUM!



Cabbage & Potatos

Prepare a 5 lb bag of red potatos scrubbed and halved  & boiled for about 20 min or fork tender.  Dot with a stick of butter and sprinkle with parsley.  Keep warm.

One head of cabbage quartered and boiled in potato water until fork tender, drain and keep warm .  Most Irish will mash their potatoes into the cabbage.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Note: My parent’s had a St. Paddy’s Day dinner party every year. As kids we’d sneak up and dodge adult’s knees to try and snatch a piece of the prized corned beef. Even my homec teacher in high school (a guest at these parties) taught our class how to make this meal based on my mother’s recipe. It’s tasty & we waited all year for it, but the very best part is eating hash for breakfast the next morning…try it! You won’t be sorry : )
The first year I was married, I attempted to make Corned Beef for St. Paddy’s Day. I didn’t ask my mom for directions thinking it couldn’t be too hard and googled quite a few recipes. It was terrible. I’m sure if you asked Bryan today what the worst looking thing I ever made was it would be that meal. Like many other recipe “lessons”, that one ended up in the trash & we had St. Paddy’s Day takeout instead : ) No recipe on the internet compares to this delicious one my mom makes. -Katie

*Note: all images borrowed from epicurious. I don’t know about you but I’ll be trying some of these recipes this year! If you do as well feel free to submit a photo to be featured on our blog! -Tearah


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