1st Birthday Party: Zoey’s Cowgirl Hoedown

The day was bright and warm and perfect for what could have been another January drizzly afternoon, but the sun came out as well as all of our nearest and dearest to celebrate our baby girl’s very first birthday.
We chose the theme in accordance with the location. We chose the location because of our history there. We chose the location while our sweet Zoey was still in my womb. McCormick Stillman Railroad Park is a fantastic park filled with shady trees, western themed playgrounds, a carousel, and a real steam engine for riding. More importantly it’s the place our lives began together, it’s where we had our first date.
The invitation Bryan created in photo shop specified to “Grab your boots & hat” and the party followed through with some spectacular western themed, good ole’ fashioned, cowgirl fun, if I do say so myself ; )







Our “Watering Hole” consisted of a tin wash bin complete with a raffia bow and filled to the brim with bottled IBC root beer, Hugs barrel punch (for the kiddies), and bottled water. For an extra beverage option we offered mason jars of pink lemonade complete with the daisy cut mason jar lids and pink striped paper straws I’d been drooling over since I created my pinterest account. Bryan added a roughly cut, roughly white-washed, roughly scrawled scrap wood sign (which we retrieved from a home improvement store for $0) to label the area “watering hole”. Food labeling signs came from the amazing Simply Create Designs.




The dessert table was my favorite (as usual) covered in homemade food display products: previously mentioned scrap wood that Bryan again white washed and turned into little boxes to add levels and depth to our table, mismatched glassware I found for half price at a thrift store, glued, and “glass safe” spray painted to make a cupcake stand, recycled crushed tomato cans with added embellishment and baskets. These items featured both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate curls and wrapped in Simply Create Design’s cupcake wrappers, chocolate “lassos” (or pretzels), apple pie sticks, cowgirl sugar cookies, the best toffee caramel corn, cowtails, a chocolate truffle two tiered birthday cake, and Zoey’s very own strawberry icing covered smash cake.
(tutorials coming!)















Lunch was sandwiches and soup–one of my favorite combos. We had Captain Bill’s (one of our favorite sandwich places) load us up on their famous “mini’s” and supplied PB & J “uncrustables” for picky kid eaters, we slapped country names on ’em like, “Old West Heroes”, and “PB& J the Kid” and called it good. Uncrustables are my new favorite party food for kids, pre-made, pre-packaged, a classic almost every kid loves, and you can buy a giant box of them for about $10 at Sam’s Club. We featured the sammies in baskets I rescued from the thrift store for about $1 each.



We rolled pink spoons (party city) in pink paisley napkins (oriental trading co.) and tied ’em up with a bit of pink ribbon (Michael’s). Paired with little pink paper cups, Zoey’s party guests were equipped for the homemade chicken noodle soup and/or my mom’s spicy chili. So Yum.

(recipes a-comin’)

We placed a big ole bowl of juicy red strawberries on the lunch table to offer a more healthful side that also gave a nod to country fresh picked berries in keeping with our theme. I know, I’m a nutcase about theme.



Light pink & brown paisley bandannas tied together served as sort of a bunting banner as well costumes for our party members.  We placed a stack of cowboy hats & bandannas on the seating tables and invited guests to get into character. Roughly cut rolls of burlap served as our table cloths, and once again Simply Create Designs (fabulous!) was responsible for much of the other decor (“happy birthday” banner, “cowgirl thing” sign, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers and food labels). Bryan performed some more photo shop magic and made some “Wanted” signs that featured our little babe in different stages throughout the year and also provided some little funny facts about her (ex. one had her birth stats, while another boasted all of her nicknames)–one of my favorite parts of the whole party.

DSCN0071 DSCN0070 DSCN0069

DSCN0103 DSCN0096

Speaking of favorite parts of the party…the very best part was the togetherness. Playing on the playground with cousins, riding the train with grandma, laughter and chatter in between bits of yummy food, silly hats, cute boots, and my sweet baby-excuse me-big girl, smiling with fistfuls of cake. That’s why I love parties y’all!
It was a blast : )

I bought products from Party City (still the cheapest I can find-unless you’re ordering a gigantic bulk order-for basics in color, cutlery, plates etc.) and was happy with them as usual.
Denise from Simply Create Design was just amazing to work with. She personalized the party for me, gave me all of the printable files so very quickly and was a gem to communicate with. I saw other cowgirl printable packages on line but I loved the muted colors of this one, and sweet little polka dots and pink horse silhouettes–loved the whole thing. I will definitely be using her again! Her other party packages are adorable and she let me know that she’d love to create a new one if I had an idea in the future that she doesn’t already feature in case you’ve got one in mind ; )
I bought the pink paisley napkins, and cowboy hats from Oriental Trading Co. I love OTC but this time they weren’t my favorite. The cowboy hats said “child size” on the website but they ended up being more adult sized. I also originally ordered bandannas through them and didn’t love that they were polyester instead of cotton.



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