Birthday Party: Peyton & Minnie Mouse

On Peyton’s 3rd birthday, we celebrated with family and friends.  She requested a “Minnie Mouse” themed party – we aim to please!

The food was Disney themed from the “Hot diggidy dogs” to “Donald Dunckers” and the amazing cake our friend Gina made.


I made the majority of the decor.  The banner I made with a simple word processing program, eyeballing the sizes of the letters and the shapes and then tediously cut everything out.  I probably could have made it all with my Silhouette machine but didn’t feel like dragging the entire thing out…so manual labor won out. (I don’t get it either haha)  The centerpieces I made out of dollar store items- styrofoam balls, wooden skewers, a semi-circle styrofoam floral base and tinsel.  And then I just bought cutsie red and white striped paper straws.  Pretty Cute, eh?

Minnie Mouse (Aunt Lissa) made an appearance…but of course everyone except Peyton was excited to see her!!   

The Pièce de résistance (in my humble opinion) was Peyton’s present from mommy and daddy.  I bought one of these mini coupes- ya know, the flintstone type cars for little people- and spray painted it.  I then bought a pair of wooden Minnie ears off Etsy and had daddy screw it to the top and voilà!

    Minnie Mouse party= Success!! Happy Birthday to our beautiful 3 year old!! Mommy & Daddy love you Peyton!!


One Comment on “Birthday Party: Peyton & Minnie Mouse”

  1. Melissa says:

    Love it!!

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