Thanksgiving: Kid’s Table

Oh the kid’s table. I remember my time there like it was yesterday. Lower & smaller we watched the adults at the big grand table. They glamorously laughed, talked in low tones about forbidden topics, and they poured their own drinks. What more could you ask for? Then as a tween, I resented being banished to the children’s table with the children. A few years later, I finally got there.
Hey 11 year old self, it’s not that cool. Enjoy your crayons, draw-able table cloth, chocolate milk, and fart jokes. Enjoy it while it lasts kiddo.

Some fun ideas for YOUR kid’s table this year:

This adorabley cute FREE Thanksgiving printable from comes with everything you need to decorate every inch of the kid’s table as well as a changeable text feature so you can personalize some of the printables. Pretty cool.

Is there anything cooler than drawing on a “table cloth”? I’m 26 and still get excited at Macaroni Grill. This one comes with pre-outlined drawings you can print out on kraft paper from Martha Stewart (also free!)

Loved the idea for this Thankful Tree, and the cute blog post that goes along with it.

Too cute to be made out of tape & pumpkins, I give you, pumpkin tic-tac-toe table…

For more Thanksgiving themed kid’s games, try these cute ones:
Turkey Trot

Printable Thanksgiving TV Bingo

but honestly, back to the tables already.
thanksgiving party ideas - pottery barn kids

Kids Thanksgiving Party


One Comment on “Thanksgiving: Kid’s Table”

  1. Linnette says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this fabulous roundup! Happy thanksgiving!

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