DIY Wedding: Bryan & Katie

Our wedding day took place exactly 5 years ago yesterday and even though it’s a little dated now, I thought I’d share our DIY wedding in the spirit of wedding week and celebrate 5 pretty fantastic years together. My oober creative family and friends gathered together to contribute the things they were best at. Although we hired a caterer for some of the food, my mom made her famous Italian sausage and peppers to compliment the Italian menu already prepared, she put together and ice cream bar (the thing I wanted most!), and along with my sister and my sister’s florist best friend, put together most of the details–I was too busy being in love : )
My auntie who owned a print shop donated beautiful engraved invites, my professional chef brother did the hors d’oeuvres for “cocktail” hour (ring ceremony & sparkling cider), my sister and her bff made their very first wedding cake at my charge (they were skeptical but I knew they could do it!), My auntie & cousin way back east collected, pressed, and sent us Autumn leaves to scatter on the tables with Angela produced centerpieces. My sister-in-law’s mother sewed a ribbon trim on the wholesale table cloths we found, and Angela gifted me our handmade scrapbook/guest book for the entry way. It was Bryan’s idea to blow up the array of photo booth pictures we had. He worked at a sign company at the time and had all the equipment to do it. DIY weddings are a lot of work but not only do they keep costs down, but you have a keespake; a labor of love to carry with you in the years afterward. Thank you to everyone who helped with our wedding 5 years ago and thank you to my sweet hubby for being an amazing partner and best friend these last 5 years!


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