DIY Wedding: Casey & Tearah

October 10th 2009, after only two months of planing our wedding we tied the knot at Saguaro Ranch Park and celebrated the blessed union at my parents community pool.

Three years earlier My mom and I helped my older sister plan her wedding in only two months as well, so we felt like pro’s as we began shopping for the perfect details to decorate the park and pool side. The hardest part was to find a perfect location for the ceremony in our price range. With approximately two hundred guests we rented the space and chairs, provided directions to my parents for the reception to follow, and then started the celebration!

We purchased the flowers in bulk from Costco and spent an evening creating our own bouquets.

With a general color scheme in place the brides mades were free to pick the dresses and jewelry that they loved and could wear again 🙂

Our cake was professionally crafted by the wonderful Bryan and Katie Workman of KatieCakes, not only beautiful but delicious!

We hired Matt, a young up-and-coming chef to create a wonderful variety buffet and Matador Coffee, a local coffee roasting company to provide hot coffee and tea.

I put together a scrapbook of our engagement photos for the guests to sign. Not only were we able to keep the sweet notes from our wedding guests but I pull it out and use it at each major event in our life together. (Remember that from here?)We decorated the pool area with twinkling white lights, floating candles, flower arrangements, and lace table cloths with green chiffon over lays. The wild flowers, roses, and antique laces coupled with the soft flickering candlelight created a romantic and delicate vintage feel infused with modern elements. It was so perfect.


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