Halloween Party: Easy Peezy Spooky Shindig

Last Halloween I was rather large and there was a baby sitting on my bladder 24 hours a day as well as a toddler to run after and entertain…I was sleeping any chance I got. Yearly extravagant Murder Mystery party tradition? Yeah, not happening. We still wanted to celebrate the spooky holiday in good fashion so we planned something a little different. It involved pre-made, store-bought treats (How’s that for easy peezy?), and some pre-party fun that required little energy on our part, no giant mess to clean up, and was a blast to boot.
We ditched the kids, hooked up with some discounted passes, and started out at a Haunted corn maze I hadn’t been to since high school.  We spent the night in full costume (some of the only ones I might add)  screaming through a series of actually honest to goodness scary haunted houses/corn fields. After we’d had our post-teenage years, teenage fun, we headed back home for a warm and intimate dinner, treats, and a scary movie.


Chili! One of my favorite party foods…wanna know why?
make ahead food (check!)
involved food (if you add a bar of toppings…check!)
feed a crowd cheaply (check!)
easy (check!)
minimal clean up (check!)
buffet style (check!)
most picky eaters will eat it (check!)
that’s why 🙂


(Look familiar?) Mini chocolate-chocolate chip cupcakes. I think these are the only treat I actually made.
This time I just added oh 3/4 of a bag of chocolate chips to boxed cake mix batter. Don’t use mini ones…not enough chocolate deposits!


Bought these at walmart for $1 each. We placed a cutting board and big chopper close by for easy eating. Maybe it’s because I was pregnant, but they were delicious. I devoured the left overs every meal there after until they ran out.


After running around in the wild October air getting spooked, I wanted dinner to feel warm and cozy. Comfort foods like Chili and mugs ready to go with apple cider or hot chocolate helped accomplish that. I wanted lots of festive treats for the movie too, so we set out chocolate covered pretzels (with orange sprinkles), Lofthouse Halloween sugar cookies, bite sized cupcakes, and caramel apples. We covered nearly every spot we could find with tea-lights (I was watching a lot of ghost whisperer at the time…girl has a lot of candles in her house!) it worked. Definitely warm and cozy.


ImageHalloween Movie Night Ideas:
We’ve always found it to be somewhat of a challenge to pick a scary movie everyone will watch. Either a few have seen it already, or we’ve got a few in the crowd who don’t do scary movies at all. Tip? We picked a few different options and let our buddies text in their votes. We also rented through Amazon meaning we didn’t have to race around to a bunch of different blockbusters trying to rent a limited stock Halloween movie…on Halloween. Just remember to rent and download it before hand (it takes a while) and pay close attention to the rental agreement. Some limit the amount of views.

Friendly choices for Scary-movie-haters:
The Corpse Bride
Hocus Pocus
Practical Magic
The Adams Family
Harry Potter
The Crucible
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Young Frankenstein
Phantom Of The Opera

For Funzies, rent a really old cheesy horror film. It won’t work if you’re trying to get spooked but they’re certainly good for some laughs 😉


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