Halloween Party: Ghoulish foods and ghoulish fun

Marina loves Halloween. In fact, the only reason she’s not throwing a Halloween party this year? She’s expecting a Halloween baby. That’s some Halloween love if I ever did see it. Last years party was a monstrous spread fit for…uhh…monsters. Spiders, severed fingers, and mummies were all on the menu, and if that sounds delicious to you, I mean if right this very instant you’re thinking, “mmmmm. Severed fingers…scrum-diddly-umtious” keep reading…we’ve got recipes & how-to’s galore.


Take a peeky at that table full of Halloween yums and brace yourself for some close-ups:


Pumpkin Dip Bowl? Super cute, clever serve-ware, and easy as scooping seeds out of a pumpkin.


Mummy Dogs! Easy Peasy and Crowd Pleasey. (see what I did there? huh?)


These Poison Apples are a guaranteed hit, use in-season produce, and an easy make-ahead party food.


Darling Monster Cupcakes and a few others confectionery monstrosities here, here, and ohmygoodness here.
(I have a feeling monsters don’t like to be called “darling”…what do you think?)


A bag of boring old pretzel rods go a long way with a witch finger pretzel candy mold (only $2) and some colored candy melts (available at any Michael’s Joann’s etc.)


Mmmm chocolate covered Oreo Spiders.


Aaaand some creative haunting decor to compliment those creative haunting snacks!
Would you like a flying bat template?


Image  Image

Thank you for sharing Marina!!

P.S. You have one more day to enter this giveaway!! I might be a little biased but I think it’s a good one 😉


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