Bridal Shower: Tatum’s Pink and Orange Shabby Chic Shower

The Mother of the bride (Jennifer) and Tatum’s sister-in-law maid of honor (Karis) paired up for this shabby chic, handmade, backyard event! Pinterest inspired crafts, personal displays of love, and colorful sweets. Welcome to Tatum’s Pink and Orange Bridal Shower.
This adorable scrolly frame from Ikea was covered in white spray paint  (and then recovered in ivory paint for the wedding!), and featured polka dot fabric and painted wooden letter charms in the form of the Bride and Groom’s initials.  These cutesy curly letters are easy ones to find, just check your local Michael’s craft store to make your own affordable version. A vintagy touch as well as a personal one, this shower had adorable creative and personal touches in abundance.


Thick white 5×7 frames hung by orange ribbons and displayed candid snapshots of Tatum & Caleb giving guests that hadn’t had the chance to be around them as much a little glimpse into their sweet relationship.

Speaking of sweets…

I think this picture perfect dessert table is my very favorite part. Cake, cake balls, cupcakes, striped candy sticks, and giant pixi sticks all in matching hues of pink and orange really speak to the color fanatic in me. Love it! Old fashioned candy and antique looking party cakes are not only fun and whimsical but put the ‘shabby’ in shabby chic while handmade labels, ribbons, and white daises tie the whole look together. Adorable and scrumptious to boot!

A light lady’s lunch was layed out just a few feet from the sweets table (who doesn’t like easy access to dessert?) and featured an array of salads, sandwiches, and dips. Mmm delish! Check out the handmade banner that matches the food labels.



Wrapping plastic cutlery up and fastening it with a ribbon is one of my very favorite simple party tips. Dressing up the economic option is easy…typically you already have all of the elements but tying them all together is quick and makes a nice display. Do you have a creative way to display paper-ware/plastic-ware?


Paper lanterns and tissue paper pom poms not only added to the cutesy decor but created atmosphere. Would you love to know how to make tissue paper pom poms? Here is my favorite tutorial.

The wicker seating seen here is something the party planners intended to use for the wedding but thought would be a great seat of honor for Tatum to sit an open her presents-an excellent addition! Jennifer sewed the matching throw pillow covers and they look so charming there, that I’m wishing for the millionth time that I knew how to sew. Well done Jennifer!


The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids



Guest tables were covered with a dainty white table cloths, a pink or orange runner, and an arrangement of daisies. More tissue paper pom poms dotted the air above them. Jennifer also shared that they had groupings of polka dotted balloons but they didn’t do so well in the Az heat. Darn that Phoenix weather always getting in the way of our best laid plans. I love the picnic-y atmosphere under shady branches for guests to visit and enjoy-delightful!



Although this party was an aesthetic and entertaining hit, Tatum said her favorite part was sharing it with the people she loved, in an intimate setting, planned just for her! Thanks for sharing Tatum!


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