Gardening Party, Sister’s Birthday

Beautiful sisters, with their bright floral dresses, soft ringlet hair, shining blue eyes and adorable little smiles. These pretty little girls deserve a special little party to cherish and enjoy.

Dainty whites and vibrant pinks mingled with brown paper sack lunches and trendy urban gardening. Inspired by their urban farm life, I really enjoyed mixing the feminine and refined decor with a more surreal and down-to-earth activity… terracotta pot painting and wildflower seed planting!


Offered right from the start, sack lunches for the kids and finger foods for the adults. In my experience providing sack lunches for the kids is the most practical way to make sure the little ones get both a satisfying and healthy meal, while reserving the more elaborate appetizers for the adults, ensuring that everyone is happy.


Mixing a variety of intricate buntings and garlands is a beautiful and easy way to decorate for any event. A handful of simple garlands with more refined pieces like this Doily Bunting is sure to catch the eye. ThespoolroomIMG_8872_2

This brightly colored heart garland from our Valentine’s Day Brunch is a real favorite!


Finally, using some of my stash of stored-up fabric, I simply cut some strips and looped them onto a rope for a quick bunting. It worked beautifully,  filling up empty space and bringing all the colors together in one piece.


Using some of this fabulous double sided tape, intricate hand-crafted silk flowers stood alone in their beauty and grace. CharmingChicDecorIMG_8892

The details of these flowers are amazing and they make the perfect party decorations… brightening any room.


Take a peek at these adorable little favor boxes! Since the kids had such exciting craft favors to take home we decided to treat the mamas with a little something too: a plantable paper favor full of wildflower seeds and its very own spot of dirt and mini-pot. NatureFavors
IMG_8885Complete with instructions and a teensy wrapped box


The highlight? Painting flower pots, playing with soil, and planting butterfly paper full of wildflower seeds!IMG_8925


Mini Terra-cotta pots & pretty recycled paper butterflies ready to be planted are a gift that keeps on giving. The little ones are so excited, waiting with anticipation for their wildflowers to grow!  NatureFavorsIMG_8951

An irresistible bucket of fresh soil, complete with bright gardening tools and pinwheels.IMG_8926IMG_8933

Letting their creativity flourish, mixing the colors seemed to be quite amusing

IMG_0284IMG_8974IMG_0382IMG_0380IMG_0391Couldn’t resist the fresh earth and a chance to pull up a chair and play for a while. We hope our little party inspires you to enjoy the simple pleasures and remember to stop and smell the… wildflowers =)


Happiest birthday girls ever!




Cozette showing off all the pretty decorations we incorporated into this special party. Be sure to check out their shops for even more variety and inspiration!

TheSpoolRoom upcycles gorgeous and vintage doilies to create one-of-a-kind garlands and buntings; delicate pieces, and each one is unique!
IMG_9475IMG_9463 IMG_9471IMG_8700

The intricate and personalized wrappings always make me smile. A big Thank You! to our contributors.IMG_8629

Party at my house–it feels like a celebration every time a package arrives at my doorstep. NatureFavors has over a hundred options to choose from, with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Our wildflower seeds have sprouted just over a week after being planted!


Such elegant variety! I’m so looking forward to incorporating these little beauties into more parties in the future. CharmingChicDecor creates beautiful and personalized decorations for any occasion, from gifts and favors to holidays and home decor. IMG_8699IMG_9491

I’ve already transformed one of these little pretties into a hair clip. Isn’t it just perfect?!
IMG_9511 IMG_9493

Tiny Tea Party, Ice Tea & Flower Crowns

A Fairy Tale transformation fitting for the little princesses that they are.

For this little Tea Party I will share some fabulous tips that helped me plan it in just one week! Short notice, but once the ideas started flowing I knew there was no turning back… I was too excited to create the perfect princess tea party for sweet little Briseus and her friends.

Starting with the backdrop – lace, chiffon, & gorgeous green sheer fabric.

Tip No.1 Don’t be afraid to ask around! You’d be surprised at what miscellaneous pieces people have stored away for that “some day” moment, and here it is =) Especially if you know any thrifty buyers out there. Like my mom, for example, who passed that wonderful (though inconvenient at times for my storage space) gene to me.  She had saved these huge pieces of vintage lace curtains which I simply tacked around the inside of the patio, leaving an opening for the entrance and way to the yard. I say simple though the trick really lies in a stubby little hammer I tote with me to every event – get one! It makes everything so much quicker and saves your thumbs from certain and terrible fate.

The green sheer material I picked up from our local fabric superstore (SAS), and  I purchased it by the pound. You can imagine how cheap that was! You may recognize the color from My Wedding post a few years back :) (a little hard to see but I made all of the table squares coverings from it)


Now the PomPoms: I had the good fortune of featuring many of these in past parties such as our Valentines Day brunch & Asian – themed bridal shower. Which brings me to…

Tip No. 2 Save them! They fluff up real nicely with a little TLC and can be used for such a variety of events not to mention around the house, like above the baby crib :) I have put in the work of refolding and storing them in compact little boxes for quite a while but since I plan to be designing more parties this year I’ve resorted to storing them in big furniture boxes in my shed.


Tip No. 3 Handmade flower crowns & vintage-inspired doily runner.
Though I didn’t get a chance to sew my doilies together due to the various shapes I was able to acquire in time, images on Pinterest sparked the idea for this adorable table setting.
The flower crowns were inspired by my recent collaboration with two photographers for a Daughters Series. anastasiacampos & dwellrichlyphotography. The napkin rings also doubled as bracelets and both were a particularly treasured party favor for the little girls to wear home. Simple and quick, using grape vine wreath, miscellaneous plastic small flowers and leaves, I hot glued them on in little bunches with the leaves covering the seam where the wreath is wrapped with floral tape.


A classic piece to reuse for many occasions, this little white picket fence was featured in our recent Puppy Party.DSC_6648

Now for the tea; it is a tea party after all :) Even though it’s only spring, down here in Phoenix that still means 80/90 degree weather so we opted for some sweet peach ice tea with blueberry & mint ice cubes.

Tip No. 4 Creative ice cubes =) Having a fresh mint plant out front this year (praying it survives the summer) I decided to add a little leaf to each ice cube, having tried the blueberries before, but frozen at our 4th of July Summer Party, I decided to use fresh ones this time to maintain the color of the tea. 


Tip No. 5 Food, yep you heard me, fooooodddd… but it doesn’t just have to be for sustenance, adorable little finger foods make for a great center piece and an even better incentive to eat those delicious veggies ;) Butterfly celery & pretzels, deviled eggs and open-faced sandwiches cut into flowers with cookie cutters… Yum!
After contemplating various ways to cut the flower shapes out of full sandwiches the amazing mama host settled on open-faced sandwiches which saved her a lot of work and also allowed for the decorative cucumbers and cheese to show too!


Tip No. 6 Relax & Enjoy! Extra food was kept aside for the mamas (and grandma:) who stayed to help out, but with a small group of little girl friends it was smooth going from there–no extra activities or busy schedule needed, just a great imagination and a childhood sense of wonder.

Cute little girlies enjoying lunch together

And displaying proper etiquette, a sign of a true princess <3DSC_6706DSC_6707

After lunch the final course presented was a delicious fruit cake!DSC_6698DSC_6699

Covered in cool whip they literally enjoyed a cake made from fruit =) Watermelon Cake!

Tip No. 7 Feel free to improvise! If you’re not that into an overly sugary dessert, consider the natural sweetness of fresh watermelon to wrap up the meal with celebration. We did, and everyone was thoroughly pleased with it =)
DSC_6702DSC_6704 DSC_6703

Tip No. 8 Capture the moment! It can be difficult to chase around even a handful of little ones to get a good picture, so setting up a simple “stage” for them to gravitate towards is sure to help you get those pictures of friends that they will cherish through the years.
A long piece of window treatment draped over some branches and surrounded by more phenomenal pompoms made for the picture perfect space. Remember these 3D Flower Pompoms from my first party? And the paper lanterns I’ve been stashing up on from the clearance end aisles at Target – score! ;)

After a satisfying lunch and tea, the girls danced and played together under this dreamy little tree set up as a photo booth to capture the moment of friendships growing though the years. DSC_6685DSC_6688

Happy Birthday Little Princess!DSC_6670

Cars & Trucks / Transportation & Automotive, 2nd Birthday Party

Happy 2nd Birthday Zander!

This little boy loves everything car–especially Fire Trucks from his Daddy’s work and School Buses from his Mommy’s.

Personalized invitation sets included printed invites, envelopes and return labels. But that’s not all… check out the other items  delightpaperie provided below!


A large “Happy Birthday” banner is printed on glossy, sturdy paper and adjustable on a bright red ribbon.



Favor tags and table confetti, personalized to fit to occasion and send home a special note from the birthday boy.



Everything from invites & banners to table confetti & gift tags, and we especially love the waterproof bottle labels!IMG_6342




Check out her huge, growing collection of invitation and party accessories here :delightpaperie


Upon arrival guests were greeted at the entrance with this super adorable chalkboard poster, printed at FedEx for under $15! Marisol at Ladyfromsundesigns was really great to work with, very thorough and prompt.

IMG_6338 2 Personalized for the little birthday boy, these charts are the cutest way to keep track of these precious moments.


Use the code 20SALE to receive 20% off anything in the shop! Shop Now through April 30th.

Cupcake wrappers in monster truck, race car, metal diamond patterns… it doesn’t end there! Check out SewCouturebyMeg for full themed party supplies.IMG_6339 IMG_6307 IMG_6308


Like mud on a tire we loved combining these two beauties to really excite the kiddos!




Hand crafted and extremely adorable, these cupcake toppers really added a “wow” factor to the party. Little ones and adults alike loved ’em! Visit 4HeartsPaperCraftCo to see hundreds more of her crafty creations!IMG_6338 IMG_6314 IMG_6316


Birthday boy’s very own name banner! And with his favorite vehicles =)

Zander’s 2nd birthday was a huge success and he will have this sturdy foam name banner to keep for years to come.

IMG_6321 2 IMG_6299

SheWhoCraftsLast personalized the Fire Truck and School Bus just for him. Happy Birthday Zander! IMG_6321 IMG_6414 IMG_6437


And don’t forget to take some time to wind down after the party!

This shirt provides the perfect bonus at the end of the day–an automotive town for the little one to drive his car on and a free back massage for dad, all while mom enjoys some well-deserved quiet time. Get yours at TheBlueBasketShop :)
IMG_6495 IMG_6501 IMG_6506

Lemon Balls Recipe

Are you looking for a sure crowd-pleaser or a healthy snack to enjoy this Easter?




These are guilt-free, and one of my favorite treats.

They’re simple to make with a high-powered blender or food-processor.


  • 2 cups of soaked dates
  • 2 small lemons
  • 2 cups oats OR 2 cups oat flour
  • 1 cup almonds OR 1 cup almond flour
  • 1/2 cup small pecan pieces
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • dash of salt
  • shredded coconut (optional)


Soak the dates for 20 minutes in hot water to soften. Remove the pits, and squeeze out excess water.

While they’re soaking, wash and peel the lemons, and cut the skins into very small pieces of zest. You don’t need to use the zest, but I find it adds a lovely lemony taste and lots of Vitamin C.

Juice the lemons.

Grind the oats into flour (or use already made flour). Grind the almonds into flour also.

Combine the flours with the salt and pecan pieces in a mixing bowl.

Then, blend or process the lemon juice, dates and vanilla until smooth.

Combine the dry and wet ingredients and stir well. Mix in the lemon zest.

Your dough is probably sticky at this point! If it’s too sticky to work with, either add more flour or wet your hands to make the balls. Shape bite-sized balls, and if desired, roll in shredded coconut (or flour) for a nice touch.

Serve frozen or chilled. Makes about 40 lemon balls.

Enjoy!! :)


(Thanks to my Mom and Aunt for the recipe.)

Flower Crowns

From dainty fresh baby’s breath to richly oversized floral crowns, ShopBleuGardens has custom-made hair accessories for any occasion!


“If you are a hopeless romantic, bride-to-be, bohemian flower child, expectant mother, lover of art, poetry or beauty, you might like to take a walk through my Garden.

I might have the perfect crown for you, if not I’d love to make you a custom piece!”

xo – Bleu


Mother-daughter photo op or precious baby birth announcements!


From Engagement Sessions & Bridal Showers to the day you say “I do.”

A touch of whimsical romance … this crown is just for you!


Consider one of these adorable crowns for that little princess in your life, from birthday celebrations to holidays or just to show how special she is.


Check out her shop by clicking on any photo and begin planning your special occasion =)

Party ideas from Aliyah- I Walked Into A Shop…

A few weeks ago, my Mom, brother and I went for a walk on one of Dubai’s pristine beaches.

As we strolled along the boardwalk, a store called Romantic Flowers and Events caught my eye.

I decided to walk in and check it out, and noticed some pretty décor items!

They looked neat, so I snapped a few pictures to share. I hope you enjoy them too!



How cute! These pretty heart-shaped pillows are perfect for decorating, especially on Valentine’s Day! Anyone a fan of Frozen? The blue pillow goes so well with that theme :)


This is a great idea. Wrapping a piece of lace around a candle-holder will make elegant flickering shadows. A lot of parties and bridal showers can be prettied up in this way!



The upper part of this wall is so creative, with a beautiful pattern cut through it, as a doorway into the next room.



A hanging structure with bead ‘n butterfly strings and gold disks… Interesting!



These large vases are good as a stand-alone, or for holding oversized foliage, walking sticks, or anything else long and tall.





I could imagine so many ways to use these beautiful pieces, couldn’t you? Feel free to share your ideas or Pin them and include your “Pinspiration” ;) Thanks for viewing!




Welcome our newest member to the party blogging team!

Hello, my name is Aliyah.

I’m 14, and I love all things beautiful, floral and entertaining (especially the parts where I can do photography, cooking, and crafts). This past year I helped assist in the decorating and flower arranging for my elder sister’s bridal shower and wedding. I fell in love with the art and realized I had a talent and enjoyed doing it. My favorite times from the events were arranging the flowers and sitting back to enjoy the party, and I would simply love to do more! Right now, as part of my homeschooling, I’m taking an online event planning course.

I have started incorporating some of the behind-the-scenes party planning into my busy schedule, and I hope to one day coordinate and host many parties and events.

At the moment I am writing to you all from Dubai, where my family is staying for a few months while my dad builds a new branch for his business. Although my home is in Arizona, it is a very different experience here (other than the heat!) :)  I am thoroughly enjoying Dubai and all the new and exciting people and cultures. I recently explored a local event shop which I will share with you in a blog post coming soon!



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